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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does the Deptford magistrate believe threw the snowball at Mrs. Dempster?
(a) Milo.
(b) Paul.
(c) Dunstan.
(d) Percy .

2. What type of damage did the snowball cause to the person it hit?
(a) Permanent vision damage.
(b) Permanent hearing damage.
(c) Permanent brain damage.
(d) Permanent mobility damage.

3. What does Dunny tell Diana he wants to do after the war?
(a) Stay where he is an go to university.
(b) Return to Canada and marry Leola.
(c) Return to Canada and go to university.
(d) Stay where he is and marry Diana.

4. Which character was born prematurely?
(a) Leola Cruikshank.
(b) Paul Dempster.
(c) Dunston.
(d) Percy Stanton.

5. What is the name of the narrator of the story?
(a) Dunston.
(b) Denny.
(c) Dunny.
(d) Percy.

6. What did Paul Dempster do when he was 10 years old?
(a) Run away to his aunt.
(b) Run away with gypsies.
(c) Run away with a magician.
(d) Run away with the circus.

7. What do Dunstan's commanding officers indoctrinate Dunstan and his fellow soldiers to believe?
(a) All Canadians are the best soldiers.
(b) All Canadians who serve in the military are true men.
(c) All Germans deserve to be killed.
(d) All Germans are the devil incarnate.

8. When Dunny's mother makes him choose between Mrs. Dempster and her, what is Dunny's choice?
(a) Mrs. Dempster.
(b) To enlist in the military.
(c) To leave town to go to college.
(d) His mother.

9. What does Percy Staunton share with Dunstan that enables Dunstan to get more money?
(a) How to earn interest.
(b) Stock tips.
(c) Investment opportunities.
(d) His money.

10. Joel Surgeoner is the head of what?
(a) Lifeline Mission in Durston.
(b) Lifeline Mission in Montreal.
(c) Lifeline Mission in Toronto.
(d) Lifeline Mission in Quebec.

11. What is Dunstan's quest in Europe?
(a) To find the statue of the Madonna he saw on the night he was injured.
(b) To find various statues of the Madonna.
(c) To visit all the battlefields so he can see where he was injured.
(d) To visit all his fellow soldiers who live in Europe.

12. What do Percy and Leola name their first child?
(a) Edward Charles.
(b) Charles Edward.
(c) David Edward.
(d) Edward David.

13. How big was the population of Dunstan's home village at the beginning of the story?
(a) Five hundred people.
(b) Five hundred and fifty people.
(c) Four hundred people.
(d) Six hundred people.

14. What were Percy and the narrator doing in the snow at the beginning of the story?
(a) Making forts.
(b) Sledding.
(c) Making snowmen.
(d) Skiing.

15. What happened to Dunstan's family's house and newspaper business after he left for school?
(a) The house was sold, and the newspaper went out of business.
(b) He had them torn down.
(c) They were destroyed.
(d) He sold them at auction.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Ramsay family moved to the village from what country?

2. What news did Dunny's parents receive before they died?

3. What name does Milo Papple give to the Dempster's house?

4. What nickname does Dunstable live down by performing a raunchy vaudevillian impersonation of Charlie Chaplain for the troops?

5. Dunstan becomes victim of what rumors as a bachelor teacher?

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