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Chapter 1

• The narrator begins the story on December 27, 1908. The narrator, Dunny, is sledding with his friend Percy. Percy is mad because Dunny's old sled goes faster than his new one.

• Dunny goes home, and Percy follows, throwing snowballs at him.

• On Dunny's way home, he spots Mrs. Dempster and Rev. Dempster out for a walk. They are out walking at dinner time because Mrs. Dempster is pregnant, and village customs dictate that pregnant women cannot be seen in public.

• Percy throws a snowball at Dunny, but Dunny uses Mrs. Dempster as a shield to avoid being hit.

• When Mrs. Dempster is hit with the snowball in the back of her head, she collapses to the ground. Dunny and Rev. Dempster take her home on Dunny's sled.

• Dunny tells his mother what happened, and to Dunny's surprise, his mother goes over to offer her midwifery skills to Mrs. Dempster...

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