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James Webb
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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Cat Man feel as the helicopter flies away?

2. How does Goodrich pour out the agony he has felt for months?

3. What does Senator believe Snake would have thought about his speech?

4. What does Goodrich do after a few months back home?

5. What saves Senator from being riddled with bullets?

Short Essay Questions

1. What becomes of Hodges while he tries to rescue the men in the cemetery?

2. Describe Snake's feelings about serving in Vietnam?

3. What is Mitsuko's response when Hodges asks her to marry him?

4. What are the results of the investigation into Snake's participation in the killing of the civilian's that Senator reported?

5. What does Snake do when he sees Senator in the hole?

6. How is Senator wounded in the cemetery?

7. What is Bagger's reaction to Senator's insulting song about Hodges?

8. Why does Snake disagree with Kersey's order to move the men to the paddy?

9. What does Goodrich say to the crowd of anti-war protesters when they ask him to speak?

10. What does Waterbull tell the men in the letter he sends to the unit?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Goodrich presents moral dilemmas to his comrades' behavior throughout the novel.

1) How do Goodrich and the other men in his unit respond differently to their plights?

2) Which characters are more realistic in their responses to the dangers that they face and the moral questions they deal with?

3) Cite examples from the novel where Goodrich was adverse to the actions of the other men in his unit.

4) Whose actions are more realistic considering the situations they face?

Essay Topic 2

1) What role does racism play in the novel?

2) Explain the relevance of the Black Shack and the effect it has on both the white and black soldiers.

3) Describe the unrest that racism causes between white and black men fighting and relying upon one another in battle.

4) Specifically, analyze the moral dilemma that Cannonball faces because of racism during the war.

Essay Topic 3

Each of the characters presented in Hodges' unit had different reasons for enlisting in the Marines.

1) Summarize the reasons of at least four of the characters in the novel.

2) Compare the character's views when they enlisted to their attitudes toward the Marines once they are actually serving in Vietnam.

3) How does each of the characters lose their innocent view of their role in the war? Cite examples from the novel.

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