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James Webb
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Senator tell a group of people gathered for an anti-war rally?
(a) He tells them that if he could, he would kill the little girl who caused him to lose his leg.
(b) He tells them that he would do it all over again.
(c) He tells them that they should be ashamed.
(d) He tells them that he wishes he could apologize to all the people he killed.

2. What is Goodrich told about the killing of the Vietnamese man and woman?
(a) Goodrich can have his friends convicted.
(b) Goodrich is a good soldier for divulging the details of the murders.
(c) Goodrich will get an honorable discharge to keep him safe.
(d) Goodrich did not see it happen, so there is no evidence.

3. Why is Jones sent back to the World?
(a) A leg wound
(b) Hemorrhoids
(c) Insanity
(d) An abdominal wound

4. As Snake sees the mountains in the distance, what does he think about himself?
(a) He is lost to the world.
(b) He will never fit into this world.
(c) He is alone in the world.
(d) He is a master of a violent world.

5. Where has Hodges been recovering from his wounds?
(a) A Chinese hospital
(b) Back in the States
(c) A Japanese hospital
(d) A Vietnamese hospital

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Goodrich's father turn Mark in to the police?

2. How does Snake make it over to Goodrich?

3. What does Snake do after he gives the news to Bugs?

4. What is Goodrich offered after he writes a report about the killing of the man and woman?

5. What is Senator thinking as he searches the tree line?

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