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James Webb
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Mitsuko refuse Hodges' marriage proposal?
(a) She doesn't love him.
(b) She says that he needs a tomb before she can marry him.
(c) She considers him the enemy.
(d) She is engaged to someone else.

2. Where do Hodges' men take position?
(a) In the hills
(b) Along the perimeter of a paddy
(c) Up river
(d) In a nearby bunker

3. How does Mitsuko think of Hodges?
(a) She thinks of him as forgettable.
(b) She thinks of him as the enemy.
(c) She thinks of him as a mistake.
(d) She thinks of him as a beautiful man.

4. What does Hodges plan to do when he meets Mitsuko's parents?
(a) He plans to offer them a bribe for Mitsuko's hand in marriage.
(b) He plans to threaten them if they don't agree to give Mitsuko to him.
(c) He plans to force them to give Mitsuko to him.
(d) He plans to get their blessing to marry Mitsuko.

5. How do people react to Hitoshi when he is out in public?
(a) They stare at him and tease him.
(b) They bow to him.
(c) They offer him gifts.
(d) They honor him because he is half American.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Goodrich told about the killing of the Vietnamese man and woman?

2. Why does Snake think the enemy won't kill them?

3. What does Senator believe Snake would have thought about his speech?

4. What saves Senator from being riddled with bullets?

5. What protects Cat Man's and Cannonball's teams as they make their way to the cemetery?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Mitsuko's response when Hodges asks her to marry him?

2. What type of songs does Senator sing and play on his guitar after Hodges returns?

3. What does Hodges see as he peers through the fog?

4. What becomes of Hodges while he tries to rescue the men in the cemetery?

5. Why does Snake go to the company office tent?

6. How does Snake keep his team motivated to move through the gunfire toward the cemetery to help Senator's team?

7. What are the results of the investigation into Snake's participation in the killing of the civilian's that Senator reported?

8. Why does Snake disagree with Kersey's order to move the men to the paddy?

9. What does Hodges do when he is released from the Japanese hospital?

10. How do Goodrich's parents welcome him back home?

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