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James Webb
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Snake's mother think about as she holds his letters in her hand?
(a) She thinks about what she will wear when she meets the President.
(b) She wonders if Ronnie's friends will come to visit.
(c) She wonders what she will say to the newspaper reporters.
(d) She thinks about how her neighbors will be envious when she meets the President.

2. Where does Sergeant Sadler expect the enemy to attack?
(a) An Hoa
(b) Arizona
(c) Hanoi
(d) Cambodia

3. What protects Cat Man's and Cannonball's teams as they make their way to the cemetery?
(a) Craters
(b) Large boulders
(c) Chest-high hills
(d) Trees

4. What is Mitsuko's answer when Hitoshi asks why Hodges died in Vietnam?
(a) She says that Hodges made bad decisions in Vietnam.
(b) She says that Hodges never should have been in Vietnam.
(c) She explains that Hodges was a warrior in Vietnam.
(d) She tells the boy that Hodges was a coward in Vietnam.

5. How does Goodrich pour out the agony he has felt for months?
(a) He smashes everything in his tent.
(b) He screams loudly into the night.
(c) He plays the guitar and sings every anti-war song he can think of.
(d) He cries on Hodges' shoulder.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why doesn't Dan agree with Operation Lam Son 719?

2. How does Snake make it over to Goodrich?

3. What do the Marines need to do as a result of Goodrich's statement about murder?

4. What prevents Snake's two teams from advancing to help Senator's team?

5. What does Hodges plan to do when he meets Mitsuko's parents?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Hodges notice in his old classmate that he meets in the mess hall?

2. What is Kersey's reply when Hodges asks if there is anywhere dry where his men can wait out of the rain?

3. Describe Snake's feelings about serving in Vietnam?

4. What is Snake's mother doing two years after he is killed in Vietnam?

5. What does Waterbull tell the men in the letter he sends to the unit?

6. What is the reaction of Hodges' son when Mitsuko takes him to see his father's memorial?

7. What are the results of the investigation into Snake's participation in the killing of the civilian's that Senator reported?

8. How does Snake keep his team motivated to move through the gunfire toward the cemetery to help Senator's team?

9. What does Snake decide to do when Hodges arrives to help?

10. What becomes of Dan and his men when they are on the road to Laos?

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