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James Webb
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Goodrich do after a few months back home?
(a) He gets a job in a hospital.
(b) He gets a job at a gas station.
(c) He returns to Harvard.
(d) He goes to visit friends across country.

2. What shocking news does Snake reveal to Bugs?
(a) Snake is sick and dying.
(b) Snake is going to extend his stay in Vietnam.
(c) Snake is planning on going AWOL.
(d) Snake is getting a dishonorable discharge.

3. What does Goodrich see hanging from a helicopter that is passing above him?
(a) A net with more ammunition
(b) A net with extra food rations
(c) A net with four living men and four dead men hanging from it
(d) A net with Vietcong prisoners

4. What is announced at the platoon formation?
(a) The deployment of the men
(b) The nicknames of the new men
(c) The discharge of many of the men
(d) The various medals the men will be receiving.

5. What does the letter that Bagger takes off a dead enemy soldier reveal?
(a) It is a letter to his children.
(b) The dead man asks his sweetheart to marry him.
(c) It is a letter to his mother.
(d) The dead man has five children and is asking to be relieved of his war duties.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Hodges irritated with the way his friend describes the deaths of certain Marines?

2. What is Hodges' reaction to his friend after talking to him for awhile?

3. What is the reaction of Mitsuko's mother at Hodges' marriage proposal?

4. What does Bagger tell Hodges as they sit together on his cot?

5. What does Hodges think about his situation as the enemy begins bombing?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is in the letter that Bagger takes from a dead VC soldier?

2. Describe Snake's feelings about serving in Vietnam?

3. How does Snake keep his team motivated to move through the gunfire toward the cemetery to help Senator's team?

4. What is Snake's mother doing two years after he is killed in Vietnam?

5. What does Waterbull tell the men in the letter he sends to the unit?

6. Why does Dan disagree with Operation Lam Son 719?

7. How do Goodrich's parents welcome him back home?

8. What does Hodges do when he is released from the Japanese hospital?

9. What does Goodrich see hanging from the helicopter that passes above him?

10. What is the reaction of Hodges' son when Mitsuko takes him to see his father's memorial?

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