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James Webb
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of terrain is the Arizona shore the Marines climb onto from the chest high river?
(a) The shore is all flatland.
(b) The shore is mountainous.
(c) The shore is mud and sand.
(d) The shore is full of craters and shattered trees.

2. What does Snake's mother think about as she holds his letters in her hand?
(a) She wonders if Ronnie's friends will come to visit.
(b) She thinks about how her neighbors will be envious when she meets the President.
(c) She thinks about what she will wear when she meets the President.
(d) She wonders what she will say to the newspaper reporters.

3. What does Hodges notice in his friend's eyes?
(a) Innocence and curiousity
(b) Nonchalance
(c) Terror
(d) Wonderment

4. What does Hodges' seven year old son believe his father did?
(a) He believes his father was a traitor.
(b) He believes his father will come back for him.
(c) He believes Hodges went back to America, abandoning him and Mitsuko.
(d) He believes his father was a coward.

5. What does Goodrich do after a few months back home?
(a) He goes to visit friends across country.
(b) He gets a job in a hospital.
(c) He gets a job at a gas station.
(d) He returns to Harvard.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hodges read into the look that Kersey gives him about the attack on the OP?

2. Where has Hodges been recovering from his wounds?

3. What is Mitsuko's answer when Hitoshi asks why Hodges died in Vietnam?

4. What shocking news does Snake reveal to Bugs?

5. What does the letter that Bagger takes off a dead enemy soldier reveal?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does a three star General arrive at Hodges' platoon?

2. What does Hodges do when he is released from the Japanese hospital?

3. Why does Goodrich go to the Regimental Legal Officer's tent?

4. What is in the letter that Bagger takes from a dead VC soldier?

5. What is the reaction of Hodges' son when Mitsuko takes him to see his father's memorial?

6. What does Hodges notice in his old classmate that he meets in the mess hall?

7. What is Snake's mother doing two years after he is killed in Vietnam?

8. What does Waterbull tell the men in the letter he sends to the unit?

9. What becomes of Hodges while he tries to rescue the men in the cemetery?

10. How do Goodrich's parents welcome him back home?

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