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James Webb
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Chapter 17 Why does a new trench hole have to be dug by the Marines rather than their using an old trench hole?
(a) The old hole is unsafe and likely to cave in.
(b) The old hole is usually rancid from overuse.
(c) It is bad luck to use an old hole.
(d) The old hole could be booby-trapped or known by the enemy.

2. What does Snake tell Goodrich to keep his mouth shut about?
(a) Killing a child and woman
(b) Killing a fellow Marine by accident
(c) Killing an enemy who surrendered
(d) Killing the old man and woman and burying them.

3. What happens as Waterbull sits under his hooch looking at a picture?
(a) He is attacked by the enemy and shot three times.
(b) A grenade is thrown into his hooch.
(c) He is bitten by a poisonous snake.
(d) He starts to cry as he thinks of home.

4. What effect does the Army have on Cannonball's brother?
(a) The Army gives him confidence.
(b) The Army makes him proud to be black.
(c) The Army destroys him.
(d) The Army makes a new man of him.

5. What does Snake do when he sees the new recruits?
(a) He gives them some hot stew.
(b) He gives them nicknames.
(c) He introduces them to everyone.
(d) He salutes them.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Speedy offer to give Senator when he says that he wants to resign from the Marines?

2. Who denies access to Bagger when he wants to see his friend, Homicide?

3. Why does Snake argue with Austin about the LP duty assignment?

4. Chapter 22 How many of Bagger's football team joined the Marines at the same time?

5. What do the Marines do with the bodies of Baby Cakes and Ogre?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Gilliland reach Pismo Beach to meet his wife after being discharged from the Marines?

2. Describe the circumstances when Cat Man arrives in America from Mexico?

3. What unreasonable expectations does Angus Austin expect from the men?

4. Why do the men tease Bagger when the song, "These Eyes" plays on the radio?

5. How do Senator's college friends find ways to avoid the draft?

6. Who is wounded during enemy fire in An Hoa?

7. Explain the circumstances when Bagger enlists in the Marines.

8. What kind of childhood did Phony experience?

9. What does Major Otto tell Hodges about the bush?

10. What does Gilliland tell Hodges about the attitude of the civilians back in the States?

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