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James Webb
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Chapter 13 What is a sign that the enemy is near?
(a) The birds begin to screech.
(b) The fields are silent.
(c) The water bulls disappear from the fields
(d) The smell of human sweat is in the air.

2. Chapter 5 What does Major Otto have on his arm that he received during his first tour of duty?
(a) A tattoo of his girl friend
(b) A tattoo of his mother
(c) A six inch, purple trough from a bone- shattering machine- gun bullet
(d) A Semper Fi tattoo

3. What is Hodges thinking as he watches his men dying in Arizona Valley?
(a) He has to figure out a way home.
(b) He will be in Arizona Valley the next day.
(c) He will design a plan to go AWOL.
(d) He will ask to be reassigned.

4. Which member of Snake's platoon loses his leg?
(a) Corky
(b) Baby Cakes
(c) Flaky
(d) Kerlovic

5. Why are the villagers told they have to keep walking even after Hodges says that he will transport them to the resettlement village in a Medevac?
(a) He can't be bothered and changes his mind.
(b) The villagers refuse the transport.
(c) The resettlement village is supposedly full.
(d) He is refused transport.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Cat Man get his nickname?

2. Why does Phony join the Marines?

3. What takes place while Boomer and Gilliland inspect the Vietnamese soldier who is dressed like a mamasan?

4. Chapter 18 How much more time does Gilliland have to serve in the military?

5. Who denies access to Bagger when he wants to see his friend, Homicide?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Goodrich want to join Bagger's team?

2. Who is wounded during enemy fire in An Hoa?

3. Why does Snake argue with Austin's order to send a platoon on the other side of the wire at the tree line for LP?

4. What does Hodges consider unfair when he confronts the enemy in the village?

5. What do Snake, Cannonball, Senator, Bagger, and Cat Man find when they go to look for the missing men?

6. Why does Cannonball decide to join the Marines instead of the Army?

7. What is the result of the investigation of the banana trees just off the trail that Hodges' men are following?

8. What does Bobby Hodges awaken to his first night in Vietnam?

9. What does Gilliland tell Hodges about the attitude of the civilians back in the States?

10. Why do the men tease Bagger when the song, "These Eyes" plays on the radio?

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