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James Webb
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Mitsuko's answer when Hitoshi asks why Hodges died in Vietnam?
(a) She tells the boy that Hodges was a coward in Vietnam.
(b) She says that Hodges made bad decisions in Vietnam.
(c) She explains that Hodges was a warrior in Vietnam.
(d) She says that Hodges never should have been in Vietnam.

2. As Snake sees the mountains in the distance, what does he think about himself?
(a) He will never fit into this world.
(b) He is alone in the world.
(c) He is a master of a violent world.
(d) He is lost to the world.

3. Why doesn't Dan agree with Operation Lam Son 719?
(a) He believes they should attack in the opposite direction.
(b) He believes they should surrender.
(c) He believes there are enough problems right where they are.
(d) He believes they should form a truce.

4. Why does Snake think the enemy won't kill them?
(a) He tells Goodrich the enemy is using them as bait.
(b) The enemy is out of ammunition.
(c) The enemy is afraid of an air assault.
(d) The enemy is afraid of Snake's men.

5. What does Senator believe Snake would have thought about his speech?
(a) He thinks Snake would have been proud of him.
(b) He thinks Snake would have beaten him for it.
(c) He thinks Snake would have spit at him.
(d) He thinks Snake would have shaken his head in disgust.

6. Why can Dan never forgive the VC?
(a) They killed his parents.
(b) They took his family, his land, and his life.
(c) They burned his home.
(d) They took his livestock and rice paddies.

7. Where does Mitsuko take Hitoshi to help him understand his past?
(a) She takes him to visit Hodges' company commander.
(b) She takes him to see Hodges' monument.
(c) She takes him to visit Hodges' family in America.
(d) She takes him to the Marine post for more information.

8. What protects Cat Man's and Cannonball's teams as they make their way to the cemetery?
(a) Trees
(b) Craters
(c) Chest-high hills
(d) Large boulders

9. What advice does Goodrich give to his friend Mark who arrives from Canada after evading the draft?
(a) He tells Mark he should surrender.
(b) He tells Mark to live with the underground.
(c) He tells Mark to change his name.
(d) He tells Mark to stay in Canada.

10. What is the reaction of Mitsuko's mother at Hodges' marriage proposal?
(a) She says that she will think about it.
(b) She approves.
(c) She says that they should get married that very day.
(d) She says that she will never agree.

11. What is Goodrich offered after he writes a report about the killing of the man and woman?
(a) He will be stationed outside of Vietnam.
(b) He will be removed from his company.
(c) He will be discharged.
(d) He will be sent back to the World.

12. What is announced at the platoon formation?
(a) The nicknames of the new men
(b) The various medals the men will be receiving.
(c) The deployment of the men
(d) The discharge of many of the men

13. What do Dan's and his men do after being overrun by the NVC?
(a) Blow themselves up rather than be caught.
(b) Run into the bush
(c) Fight to the death
(d) Surrender

14. Why does Goodrich's father turn Mark in to the police?
(a) He believes Mark turned his back on his country.
(b) He doesn't want Mark to influence Goodrich.
(c) He is angry that his own son had to fight and not Mark.
(d) He never liked Mark.

15. What does Goodrich do after a few months back home?
(a) He goes to visit friends across country.
(b) He gets a job at a gas station.
(c) He gets a job in a hospital.
(d) He returns to Harvard.

Short Answer Questions

1. Hodges meets an old friend from school in the mess hall. What school is his friend from?

2. Who does Goodrich tell about the scene when his platoon found Baby Cakes and Ogre?

3. Why is Hodges irritated with the way his friend describes the deaths of certain Marines?

4. What does Hodges' friend ask him before he leaves?

5. Who is Hodges surprised to see get off the supply chopper?

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