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James Webb
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Hodges irritated with the way his friend describes the deaths of certain Marines?
(a) He says a prayer after telling of each death.
(b) He cries while he talks about it.
(c) He treats them like textbook deaths.
(d) He gets more emotional with each description.

2. What is the condition of Snake's mother's home?
(a) Her home is quaint and warm.
(b) Her home is in a clean apartment building.
(c) Her home is a fetid, cold rowhouse.
(d) Her home is small but comfortable.

3. What does Hodges think about his situation as the enemy begins bombing?
(a) He thinks that he was bred to be a warrior.
(b) He thinks that he was meant to be a peace keeper.
(c) He thinks that he was never meant to be in this war.
(d) He thinks that he was meant to be a chaplain.

4. How does Goodrich pour out the agony he has felt for months?
(a) He screams loudly into the night.
(b) He cries on Hodges' shoulder.
(c) He plays the guitar and sings every anti-war song he can think of.
(d) He smashes everything in his tent.

5. As Snake sees the mountains in the distance, what does he think about himself?
(a) He is a master of a violent world.
(b) He is lost to the world.
(c) He is alone in the world.
(d) He will never fit into this world.

6. What do the Marines need to do as a result of Goodrich's statement about murder?
(a) An article 27 investigation
(b) An article 75 investigation
(c) An article 38 investigation
(d) An article 32 investigation

7. What is the purpose of Operation Lam Son 719?
(a) Attacking Laos
(b) Attacking NVA bunkers
(c) Attacking Da Nang
(d) Attacking Hanoi

8. Why is Bagger so annoyed with the truck driver?
(a) The driver is Vietnamese.
(b) The driver is not helping with the work, but napping in the truck.
(c) The driver keeps making annoying sounds.
(d) The driver is ridiculing them because they have to do the work.

9. What shocking news does Snake reveal to Bugs?
(a) Snake is sick and dying.
(b) Snake is going to extend his stay in Vietnam.
(c) Snake is planning on going AWOL.
(d) Snake is getting a dishonorable discharge.

10. How long does Snake have left to serve in Vietnam?
(a) Fourteen days
(b) Forty-seven days
(c) Thirty days
(d) Twenty-one days

11. Who is guiding the remnants of the platoon in the cemetery?
(a) Cannonball
(b) Kersey
(c) Sadler
(d) Bagger

12. What is Hodges' reaction to his friend after talking to him for awhile?
(a) They are very much alike.
(b) They have nothing in common.
(c) His friend will never make it out of Vietnam.
(d) His friend will lose his mind in the war.

13. What do Dan's and his men do after being overrun by the NVC?
(a) Fight to the death
(b) Run into the bush
(c) Surrender
(d) Blow themselves up rather than be caught.

14. What does Senator tell a group of people gathered for an anti-war rally?
(a) He tells them that he would do it all over again.
(b) He tells them that he wishes he could apologize to all the people he killed.
(c) He tells them that they should be ashamed.
(d) He tells them that if he could, he would kill the little girl who caused him to lose his leg.

15. What does Hodges read into the look that Kersey gives him about the attack on the OP?
(a) I'm sorry.
(b) I'm willing to help.
(c) It's your war, not mine.
(d) I'm afraid.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Snake do in order to bring Senator out of shock and lessen the bleeding?

2. Where does Mitsuko take Hitoshi to help him understand his past?

3. Who does Goodrich tell about the scene when his platoon found Baby Cakes and Ogre?

4. What type of terrain is the Arizona shore the Marines climb onto from the chest high river?

5. What does Bagger tell Hodges as they sit together on his cot?

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