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James Webb
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Hodges' reaction to Goodrich's insults?
(a) He is not bothered by it.
(b) He is angry and ready for a fight.
(c) He is amused.
(d) He is silently livid.

2. What is Mitsuko's answer when Hitoshi asks why Hodges died in Vietnam?
(a) She says that Hodges made bad decisions in Vietnam.
(b) She explains that Hodges was a warrior in Vietnam.
(c) She tells the boy that Hodges was a coward in Vietnam.
(d) She says that Hodges never should have been in Vietnam.

3. What is the condition of Snake's mother's home?
(a) Her home is a fetid, cold rowhouse.
(b) Her home is in a clean apartment building.
(c) Her home is small but comfortable.
(d) Her home is quaint and warm.

4. What is announced at the platoon formation?
(a) The discharge of many of the men
(b) The various medals the men will be receiving.
(c) The nicknames of the new men
(d) The deployment of the men

5. Why is Jones sent back to the World?
(a) A leg wound
(b) Hemorrhoids
(c) Insanity
(d) An abdominal wound

6. Who does Goodrich tell about the scene when his platoon found Baby Cakes and Ogre?
(a) The Commanding Officer
(b) The Regimental Legal Officer
(c) The Sergeant Major
(d) The Four Star General

7. What shocking news does Snake reveal to Bugs?
(a) Snake is getting a dishonorable discharge.
(b) Snake is sick and dying.
(c) Snake is planning on going AWOL.
(d) Snake is going to extend his stay in Vietnam.

8. What saves Senator from being riddled with bullets?
(a) He crawls into an open grave.
(b) He falls into a crater.
(c) He crawls behind a large tree.
(d) New Mac covers him with return fire.

9. What advice does Goodrich give to his friend Mark who arrives from Canada after evading the draft?
(a) He tells Mark to live with the underground.
(b) He tells Mark to change his name.
(c) He tells Mark to stay in Canada.
(d) He tells Mark he should surrender.

10. What is Hodges so excited about as he looks through the fog?
(a) He sees reinforcements arriving.
(b) A North Vietnamese Regiment is trapped by his men.
(c) He sees American tanks headed their way.
(d) He sees the North Vietnamese Regiment surrendering.

11. What do Dan's and his men do after being overrun by the NVC?
(a) Blow themselves up rather than be caught.
(b) Fight to the death
(c) Surrender
(d) Run into the bush

12. What does Hodges' seven year old son believe his father did?
(a) He believes Hodges went back to America, abandoning him and Mitsuko.
(b) He believes his father was a traitor.
(c) He believes his father was a coward.
(d) He believes his father will come back for him.

13. What does Hodges plan to do when he meets Mitsuko's parents?
(a) He plans to get their blessing to marry Mitsuko.
(b) He plans to force them to give Mitsuko to him.
(c) He plans to offer them a bribe for Mitsuko's hand in marriage.
(d) He plans to threaten them if they don't agree to give Mitsuko to him.

14. What happens to Hodges as he hears a puff to his left?
(a) He is shot in the shoulder.
(b) He is shot in the leg.
(c) He is shot in the neck.
(d) He is shot in the face.

15. How long does Snake have left to serve in Vietnam?
(a) Twenty-one days
(b) Fourteen days
(c) Thirty days
(d) Forty-seven days

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Waterbull tell the troop in his letter from home?

2. How does Snake make it over to Goodrich?

3. What type of terrain is the Arizona shore the Marines climb onto from the chest high river?

4. What does Snake's mother think about as she holds his letters in her hand?

5. What do the Marines send to Hodges' mother?

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