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James Webb
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the purpose of Operation Lam Son 719?
(a) Attacking Hanoi
(b) Attacking NVA bunkers
(c) Attacking Da Nang
(d) Attacking Laos

2. What does Snake do in order to bring Senator out of shock and lessen the bleeding?
(a) He gives Senator Morphine and covers the wound.
(b) He throws water in Senator's face and puts pressure on the wound.
(c) He throws water in Senator's face and gives him Morphine.
(d) He places Senator's upside down.

3. How many dead men does his friend tell Hodges about?
(a) Two
(b) Five
(c) Seven
(d) Twenty

4. How long does Snake have left to serve in Vietnam?
(a) Fourteen days
(b) Twenty-one days
(c) Thirty days
(d) Forty-seven days

5. What does Hodges' friend ask him before he leaves?
(a) He asks Hodges if they can meet again.
(b) He asks if Hodges thinks they can win the war.
(c) He asks Hodges if he is afraid.
(d) He asks Hodges if he regrets enlisting.

6. What is Mitsuko's answer when Hitoshi asks why Hodges died in Vietnam?
(a) She explains that Hodges was a warrior in Vietnam.
(b) She says that Hodges never should have been in Vietnam.
(c) She says that Hodges made bad decisions in Vietnam.
(d) She tells the boy that Hodges was a coward in Vietnam.

7. What is Hodges' reaction to Goodrich's insults?
(a) He is amused.
(b) He is angry and ready for a fight.
(c) He is silently livid.
(d) He is not bothered by it.

8. What is Goodrich's view of bush justice?
(a) He feels that it is just the way of war.
(b) He feels that they are justified in killing the Vietnamese.
(c) He believes they have no right to play God.
(d) He doesn't like it but he will participate.

9. What happens to Dan's column when they enter Laos?
(a) They are shelled for a full day.
(b) They are greeted by friendly civilians.
(c) They are invited to stay in the village.
(d) Children offer them food.

10. How does Mitsuko think of Hodges?
(a) She thinks of him as a beautiful man.
(b) She thinks of him as a mistake.
(c) She thinks of him as the enemy.
(d) She thinks of him as forgettable.

11. Who is guiding the remnants of the platoon in the cemetery?
(a) Kersey
(b) Bagger
(c) Sadler
(d) Cannonball

12. What is it called when helicopters drop aviation fuel into the rice seed beds?
(a) Operation Rice Denial
(b) Operation Rice Wipe Out
(c) Operation Dead Seed
(d) Operation Enemy Denial

13. What is in the letter that Snake's Captain sends to his mother?
(a) The Captain says that Snake missed his home
(b) The Captain says that he is recommending Snake for the Medal of Honor.
(c) The Captain says that Snake was buried in the bush.
(d) The Captain says that Snake always talked about his mother.

14. How does Snake make it over to Goodrich?
(a) He walks to Goodrich, oblivious to enemy fire.
(b) He runs and fires his rifle at the same time.
(c) He crawls slowly to Goodrich.
(d) He makes a running dive for the mound where Goodrich is hiding.

15. What is Hodges so excited about as he looks through the fog?
(a) A North Vietnamese Regiment is trapped by his men.
(b) He sees reinforcements arriving.
(c) He sees American tanks headed their way.
(d) He sees the North Vietnamese Regiment surrendering.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Hodges as he hears a puff to his left?

2. What are Snake and the other men so excited about as they travel from the helicopter pad?

3. What do Dan's and his men do after being overrun by the NVC?

4. What offer does the Major make to Hodges?

5. What do the Marines need to do as a result of Goodrich's statement about murder?

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