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James Webb
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the Reverend's view on racism?
(a) Blacks are better than whites.
(b) The human race is the only race.
(c) Defy the white man whenever possible.
(d) Be subservient to the white man.

2. Why doesn't Hodges want to give food to the woman who asks for food for her child?
(a) Hodges says that there isn't enough food to go around.
(b) Hodges says that it will go to the VC.
(c) Hodges hates everyone in Vietnam.
(d) Hodges says that the hungry child is better off dead.

3. What does Cat Man believe he is meant to do?
(a) Go back to school
(b) Move back to his native country
(c) Join the Marines
(d) Live a life of crime

4. What is the one thing that Austin tells Hodges he won't tolerate?
(a) He won't tolerate cowardice.
(b) He won't tolerate a Marine out of uniform and unshaved.
(c) He won't tolerate vulgar language.
(d) He won't tolerate drug use.

5. What condition are Ogre and Baby Cakes in when they are found?
(a) They were beaten to death.
(b) They were hanged from a tree.
(c) They were stabbed.
(d) They were both shot in the forehead.

6. What is the extent of Vitelli's injuries?
(a) He is shot in the neck.
(b) He has shrapnel in the abdomen.
(c) He has a lethal shot to the chest.
(d) He is shot in the foot.

7. Which member of Snake's platoon loses his leg?
(a) Kerlovic
(b) Flaky
(c) Baby Cakes
(d) Corky

8. Chapter 18 How much more time does Gilliland have to serve in the military?
(a) Three months
(b) Two months
(c) Three weeks
(d) Two weeks

9. What do four hippies sitting outside a restaurant call Gilliland?
(a) War Monger
(b) Baby Killer
(c) Killing Machine
(d) Coward

10. Why does Phony join the Marines?
(a) He will come out of the military with a clean record.
(b) He wants to serve his country.
(c) He wants to atone for his bad decisions.
(d) He wants to be a hero.

11. Chapter 11 What do Speedy, Smitty, Senator, and Burgie witness as they lie beyond the barbed wire for their LP watch?
(a) A woman pulled from her hooch and killed by the enemy.
(b) The enemy opens fire on the northern compound.
(c) The enemy runs into the jungle.
(d) A boy is killed by a grenade.

12. Chapter 10 What is available to the men at Liberty Bridge?
(a) Trenches to sleep in and danger of ambushes
(b) Dangerous enemy patrols and a shortage of food
(c) Hot food, minimal danger, daily baths, tents, cots, and toilets
(d) No fresh water, little food, and trenches for sleeping

13. Chapter 9 What type of man is Angus Austin, the new Platoon Sergeant?
(a) He is humorless, dry voiced, and old for thirty one.
(b) He is friendly, mild, and child-like.
(c) He is funny and exuberant.
(d) He is aggressive and mean spirited.

14. How do the Marines refer to Go Noi?
(a) They refer to it as the Elephant Grassland.
(b) They refer to it as the Mile Wide Death Fields.
(c) They refer to it as the Mile Wide Killer Fields.
(d) They refer to it as Snake Ground.

15. Chapter 17 Why does a new trench hole have to be dug by the Marines rather than their using an old trench hole?
(a) It is bad luck to use an old hole.
(b) The old hole could be booby-trapped or known by the enemy.
(c) The old hole is unsafe and likely to cave in.
(d) The old hole is usually rancid from overuse.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is hit as Snake's company has point patrol in Go Noi?

2. Who makes snide comments about the Chaplain who is leading a memorial service for the fallen men?

3. Where do Snake and Hodges plan to ambush next?

4. What is Goodrich's strength as he sits contemplating after the battle?

5. Why were Bobby and his father named after Robert E. Lee?

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