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James Webb
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the civilians in America treat Gilliland when he returns home wearing his uniform?
(a) They pity him.
(b) They look at him like he is an animal.
(c) They treat him with respect.
(d) They treat him like a hero.

2. What is the name Cannonball's mother is known as back home?
(a) Crazy Lady Washington
(b) Fat Lady Washington
(c) Drunk Lady Washington
(d) Junk Lady Washington

3. Chapter 4 What is the injury that Ogre sustains during enemy fire?
(a) He is grazed across his temple.
(b) He is shot in the shoulder.
(c) His leg is bleeding badly.
(d) His arm is broken.

4. What is the worst enemy abuse that Goodrich remembers seeing?
(a) Two Vietnamese soldiers, scorched from head to foot and blinded, come to the camp to surrender.
(b) A Vietnamese soldier is shot in the knee and thrown in the water.
(c) Two Vietnamese soldiers thrown into a pit of bodies
(d) Food is taken away from a Vietnamese woman and child

5. Chapter 23 What does Hodges remember about the North Vietnamese when he sees Cat Man near a banana tree?
(a) He remembers that the North Vietnamese sleep in the banana trees.
(b) He remembers that the North Vietnamese never eat bananas.
(c) He remembers that the North Vietnamese lay under the banana trees for shade.
(d) He remembers that the North Vietnamese are superstitious about banana trees.

6. What does Cannonball need to help digest all the changes taking place in the black community?
(a) He needs his fellow brother's defiant words.
(b) He needs his mother's advice.
(c) He needs his father's strict hand.
(d) He needs the Reverend's words every Sunday.

7. Chapter 14 What is Gilliland looking forward to after his ten years of military service?
(a) Travelling across the USA
(b) Working as a private detective
(c) Rest and relaxation
(d) Joining the police force

8. What is Cannonball's reaction to Homicide's comments about fighting a white man's war?
(a) Cannonball attacks his friend.
(b) Cannonball agrees.
(c) Cannonball feels betrayed.
(d) Cannonball becomes furious.

9. Where is Goodrich attending college when he decides to enlist in the Marines?
(a) Suffolk University
(b) Boston University
(c) Harvard
(d) MIT

10. What is the plan Senator devises to make him sick enough to go for treatment to the Battalion Aid Station?
(a) He plans to break his finger.
(b) He decides to shoot off a toe.
(c) He eats rotten food hoping to get food poisoning.
(d) He hopes to get an infection from rubbing jam into his gook sores.

11. What is Hodges thinking when he sees that Flaky has been shot?
(a) He is sorry for not being a better friend to Flaky.
(b) He will be more attentive to Flaky from now on.
(c) He is glad it is Flaky that is shot and not someone else.
(d) He wishes someone else had been shot and not Flaky.

12. Chapter 2 What is the reason that Bobby Hodges enlists in the armed forces?
(a) He doesn't know what else to do with his life.
(b) His mother convinces him to go.
(c) He is trying to escape a petty crime.
(d) He is carrying on the family tradition of fighting for his country.

13. Which member of Snake's platoon loses his leg?
(a) Flaky
(b) Corky
(c) Baby Cakes
(d) Kerlovic

14. Chapter 9 What type of man is Angus Austin, the new Platoon Sergeant?
(a) He is funny and exuberant.
(b) He is humorless, dry voiced, and old for thirty one.
(c) He is aggressive and mean spirited.
(d) He is friendly, mild, and child-like.

15. Why is Goodrich afraid to go to the flatlands?
(a) He is afraid of anything new.
(b) He has heard stories that a man can step on an ambusher before he sees him.
(c) He is afraid of snakes in the elephant grass.
(d) He is afraid of deadly insects in the tall grass.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Goodrich plan to do when he gets into the Marines?

2. Where do the men gather as the sun begins to fall?

3. What condition are Ogre and Baby Cakes in when they are found?

4. What is the Marine recruiter's reaction to Bagger and his teammates?

5. Chapter 21 What is Snake's reaction at seeing Ogre and Baby Cakes again?

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