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James Webb
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Goodrich's strength as he sits contemplating after the battle?
(a) The men in his unit
(b) Memories of his girlfriend
(c) His happy memories of home
(d) The ghosts of his past

2. What is the worst enemy abuse that Goodrich remembers seeing?
(a) Food is taken away from a Vietnamese woman and child
(b) Two Vietnamese soldiers, scorched from head to foot and blinded, come to the camp to surrender.
(c) A Vietnamese soldier is shot in the knee and thrown in the water.
(d) Two Vietnamese soldiers thrown into a pit of bodies

3. Why doesn't Hodges want to give food to the woman who asks for food for her child?
(a) Hodges says that there isn't enough food to go around.
(b) Hodges hates everyone in Vietnam.
(c) Hodges says that it will go to the VC.
(d) Hodges says that the hungry child is better off dead.

4. Why doesn't Baby Cakes want Ogre with him?
(a) Ogre never shuts up.
(b) Ogre has annoying habits.
(c) Ogre can't be trusted.
(d) Ogre almost got him shot earlier.

5. Chapter 5 What does Major Otto have on his arm that he received during his first tour of duty?
(a) A tattoo of his girl friend
(b) A tattoo of his mother
(c) A six inch, purple trough from a bone- shattering machine- gun bullet
(d) A Semper Fi tattoo

6. Before Snake enlists in the Marines, what type of tattoo does he get?
(a) A skull encircled with two snakes that reads "Death before Dishonor"
(b) A tattoo that says, MOM
(c) An eagle and an American flag
(d) An evil clown

7. When Dan surrenders to the Marines, what position do they offer him?
(a) Kit Carson Scout
(b) Machine gunner
(c) Truck driver
(d) Sniper

8. How is Big Mac killed?
(a) He falls in a raging river.
(b) He is hit by friendly fire.
(c) He sets off a booby trap.
(d) He is shot by a sniper.

9. Who denies access to Bagger when he wants to see his friend, Homicide?
(a) Rap Jones
(b) Austin
(c) Snake
(d) Cannonball

10. Chapter 20 Where is Gilliland meeting his wife on his last day as a Marine?
(a) South Carolina
(b) Quantico, VA
(c) Da Nang
(d) Pismo Beach

11. What does Austin rip off Phony's back?
(a) Phony's rifle
(b) Phony's shirt with a peace sign on it
(c) Phony's bed roll
(d) Phony's backpack

12. What does Bagger do before he leaves for war?
(a) He has a party with his buddies.
(b) He spends the night with his parents.
(c) He marries his pregnant girlfriend.
(d) He spends the night alone, regretting his decision.

13. What is the plan Senator devises to make him sick enough to go for treatment to the Battalion Aid Station?
(a) He plans to break his finger.
(b) He eats rotten food hoping to get food poisoning.
(c) He decides to shoot off a toe.
(d) He hopes to get an infection from rubbing jam into his gook sores.

14. What is Hodges thinking when he sees that Flaky has been shot?
(a) He will be more attentive to Flaky from now on.
(b) He is glad it is Flaky that is shot and not someone else.
(c) He is sorry for not being a better friend to Flaky.
(d) He wishes someone else had been shot and not Flaky.

15. Why is Goodrich afraid to go to the flatlands?
(a) He is afraid of anything new.
(b) He is afraid of snakes in the elephant grass.
(c) He has heard stories that a man can step on an ambusher before he sees him.
(d) He is afraid of deadly insects in the tall grass.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Goodrich decide to be in Bagger's team?

2. What is the Marine recruiter's reaction to Bagger and his teammates?

3. Why are the villagers told they have to keep walking even after Hodges says that he will transport them to the resettlement village in a Medevac?

4. Chapter 3 Where is Hodges processed and briefed?

5. How do the Marines refer to Go Noi?

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