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James Webb
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the Reverend's view on racism?
(a) Be subservient to the white man.
(b) The human race is the only race.
(c) Defy the white man whenever possible.
(d) Blacks are better than whites.

2. Chapter 9 What type of man is Angus Austin, the new Platoon Sergeant?
(a) He is funny and exuberant.
(b) He is friendly, mild, and child-like.
(c) He is aggressive and mean spirited.
(d) He is humorless, dry voiced, and old for thirty one.

3. What does Snake tell Goodrich to keep his mouth shut about?
(a) Killing an enemy who surrendered
(b) Killing a child and woman
(c) Killing the old man and woman and burying them.
(d) Killing a fellow Marine by accident

4. What is Hodges thinking when he sees that Flaky has been shot?
(a) He is sorry for not being a better friend to Flaky.
(b) He is glad it is Flaky that is shot and not someone else.
(c) He wishes someone else had been shot and not Flaky.
(d) He will be more attentive to Flaky from now on.

5. Why were Bobby and his father named after Robert E. Lee?
(a) They were given the name because it was tradition to name the children after a war hero.
(b) They were given the name because Bobby's grandfather was a history buff.
(c) They were given the name because Bobby's grandmother was fascinated with Lee.
(d) They were given that name because Robert E. Lee personally thanked Bobby's ancestors for serving in the war.

6. Who gives Gilliland a ride part of the way to meet his wife?
(a) An old buddy
(b) A religious family
(c) An anti-war activist
(d) An ex-Marine

7. What does Bagger do before he leaves for war?
(a) He spends the night with his parents.
(b) He spends the night alone, regretting his decision.
(c) He marries his pregnant girlfriend.
(d) He has a party with his buddies.

8. Chapter 2 What is the reason that Bobby Hodges enlists in the armed forces?
(a) He doesn't know what else to do with his life.
(b) He is trying to escape a petty crime.
(c) His mother convinces him to go.
(d) He is carrying on the family tradition of fighting for his country.

9. Who is hit as Snake's company has point patrol in Go Noi?
(a) Wild Man and Bagger
(b) Doc and Bagger
(c) Snake and Wild Man
(d) Bagger and Chuck

10. Chapter 10 What is available to the men at Liberty Bridge?
(a) Trenches to sleep in and danger of ambushes
(b) No fresh water, little food, and trenches for sleeping
(c) Hot food, minimal danger, daily baths, tents, cots, and toilets
(d) Dangerous enemy patrols and a shortage of food

11. What changes Hodges' mind about being excited to be in the war?
(a) The severed hand of a soldier lands near him when a bomb goes off fifty feet from his cot.
(b) He is slightly injured as he lies on his cot.
(c) He doesn't like being in the jungle.
(d) He is not assigned to the unit he wanted.

12. What does Cannonball do to get out on the Medevac?
(a) He frags himself in the buttocks.
(b) He cuts off his thumb.
(c) He shoots himself in the leg.
(d) He eats rotten food.

13. Why does Snake argue with Austin about the LP duty assignment?
(a) Snake likes to argue with Austin about everything.
(b) Snake's men will not be able to get back over the wire if attacked.
(c) Snake's men just had duty and are tired.
(d) Almost all of Snake's men are injured and need to recover.

14. What does Bagger realize after he goes home to his wife and child for some R&R?
(a) He feels more comfortable in the bush.
(b) He wishes he never joined the Marines.
(c) He wants to spend every minute with his child.
(d) He wishes he could stay home.

15. How did Phony act in order to survive at the Federal narcotics farm?
(a) He was smarter than everyone else.
(b) He acted like a leader.
(c) He became aggressive.
(d) He acted scared and innocent.

Short Answer Questions

1. Chapter 24 Where is Cat Man's native home?

2. How do the Marines refer to Go Noi?

3. Where do Snake and Hodges plan to ambush next?

4. Chapter 17 Why does a new trench hole have to be dug by the Marines rather than their using an old trench hole?

5. Why are the villagers told they have to keep walking even after Hodges says that he will transport them to the resettlement village in a Medevac?

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