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James Webb
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 25.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who denies access to Bagger when he wants to see his friend, Homicide?
(a) Snake
(b) Austin
(c) Cannonball
(d) Rap Jones

2. What does Dan give a mamasan to give to her children?
(a) A wooden car he whittled
(b) A can of fruit
(c) Three cans of C-ration meat
(d) A chocolate bar

3. Chapter 1 What does Snake do when he encounters Smack-man?
(a) He sells dope to him.
(b) He buys dope from him.
(c) He threatens him with a knife.
(d) He kicks him furiously in the head.

4. Why is Goodrich afraid to go to the flatlands?
(a) He is afraid of anything new.
(b) He is afraid of deadly insects in the tall grass.
(c) He is afraid of snakes in the elephant grass.
(d) He has heard stories that a man can step on an ambusher before he sees him.

5. When Dan surrenders to the Marines, what position do they offer him?
(a) Sniper
(b) Truck driver
(c) Kit Carson Scout
(d) Machine gunner

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the extent of Vitelli's injuries?

2. What is Hodges thinking when he sees that Flaky has been shot?

3. Chapter 19 What is the diagnosis given by Doc Rabbit about the young child who is carried on a stretcher by some villagers?

4. Chapter 21 What is Snake's reaction at seeing Ogre and Baby Cakes again?

5. Who is hit as Snake's company has point patrol in Go Noi?

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