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James Webb
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 25.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Chapter 23 What does Hodges remember about the North Vietnamese when he sees Cat Man near a banana tree?
(a) He remembers that the North Vietnamese never eat bananas.
(b) He remembers that the North Vietnamese lay under the banana trees for shade.
(c) He remembers that the North Vietnamese sleep in the banana trees.
(d) He remembers that the North Vietnamese are superstitious about banana trees.

2. Chapter 15 Why does Dan leave his family to fight in the war?
(a) He feels it is his duty.
(b) He needs the weekly income.
(c) He does it to protect his family.
(d) He takes his fallen brother's place in the war.

3. What takes place while Boomer and Gilliland inspect the Vietnamese soldier who is dressed like a mamasan?
(a) The disguised soldier is shot by another Vietnamese soldier.
(b) A booby trap blows up and Boomer loses both his legs.
(c) The disguised soldier shoots himself.
(d) The disguised soldier shoots Boomer in the legs.

4. Chapter 5 What does Major Otto have on his arm that he received during his first tour of duty?
(a) A tattoo of his girl friend
(b) A six inch, purple trough from a bone- shattering machine- gun bullet
(c) A Semper Fi tattoo
(d) A tattoo of his mother

5. Why does Goodrich decide to be in Bagger's team?
(a) Goodrich wants to harass Bagger.
(b) Goodrich is going to make Bagger toughen up.
(c) Goodrich feels he and Bagger are alike.
(d) Goodrich doesn't get along with anyone on his own team.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the extent of Vitelli's injuries?

2. Before Snake enlists in the Marines, what type of tattoo does he get?

3. What does Major Otto ask Hodges when they meet in the commander's tent?

4. What does Cat Man believe he is meant to do?

5. Why are the villagers told they have to keep walking even after Hodges says that he will transport them to the resettlement village in a Medevac?

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