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James Webb
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17 | Chapter 18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Snake argue with Austin about the LP duty assignment?
(a) Snake likes to argue with Austin about everything.
(b) Snake's men will not be able to get back over the wire if attacked.
(c) Almost all of Snake's men are injured and need to recover.
(d) Snake's men just had duty and are tired.

2. What changes Hodges' mind about being excited to be in the war?
(a) The severed hand of a soldier lands near him when a bomb goes off fifty feet from his cot.
(b) He is slightly injured as he lies on his cot.
(c) He is not assigned to the unit he wanted.
(d) He doesn't like being in the jungle.

3. Chapter 17 Why does a new trench hole have to be dug by the Marines rather than their using an old trench hole?
(a) The old hole is usually rancid from overuse.
(b) It is bad luck to use an old hole.
(c) The old hole is unsafe and likely to cave in.
(d) The old hole could be booby-trapped or known by the enemy.

4. Chapter 9 What type of man is Angus Austin, the new Platoon Sergeant?
(a) He is funny and exuberant.
(b) He is aggressive and mean spirited.
(c) He is humorless, dry voiced, and old for thirty one.
(d) He is friendly, mild, and child-like.

5. Chapter 7 Who does a great job digging and engineering two holes that Hodges notices?
(a) Flaky
(b) The Vietnamese enemy
(c) Senator
(d) Snake

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Speedy offer to give Senator when he says that he wants to resign from the Marines?

2. Which member of Snake's platoon loses his leg?

3. What takes place while Boomer and Gilliland inspect the Vietnamese soldier who is dressed like a mamasan?

4. Where is Goodrich attending college when he decides to enlist in the Marines?

5. Chapter 4 What is the injury that Ogre sustains during enemy fire?

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