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James Webb
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 29.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are Snake and the other men so excited about as they travel from the helicopter pad?
(a) The large number of the enemy they have killed
(b) Four days off in An Hoa
(c) Returning to the jungle
(d) Four days off in Hanoi

2. Who gives Gilliland a ride part of the way to meet his wife?
(a) An anti-war activist
(b) A religious family
(c) An old buddy
(d) An ex-Marine

3. What does Speedy offer to give Senator when he says that he wants to resign from the Marines?
(a) A medal to bring home to his wife
(b) Some extra money for travelling home
(c) A grenade to kill himself with
(d) A letter of recommendation

4. What does Cannonball need to help digest all the changes taking place in the black community?
(a) He needs the Reverend's words every Sunday.
(b) He needs his mother's advice.
(c) He needs his fellow brother's defiant words.
(d) He needs his father's strict hand.

5. What do four hippies sitting outside a restaurant call Gilliland?
(a) Baby Killer
(b) Killing Machine
(c) Coward
(d) War Monger

Short Answer Questions

1. Chapter 14 What is Gilliland looking forward to after his ten years of military service?

2. What does Bagger tell Hodges as they sit together on his cot?

3. What is the Reverend's view on racism?

4. Chapter 13 What is a sign that the enemy is near?

5. How does Goodrich pour out the agony he has felt for months?

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