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James Webb
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 35.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What condition are Ogre and Baby Cakes in when they are found?
(a) They were hanged from a tree.
(b) They were beaten to death.
(c) They were both shot in the forehead.
(d) They were stabbed.

2. When Dan surrenders to the Marines, what position do they offer him?
(a) Truck driver
(b) Sniper
(c) Machine gunner
(d) Kit Carson Scout

3. What does the letter that Bagger takes off a dead enemy soldier reveal?
(a) It is a letter to his mother.
(b) The dead man has five children and is asking to be relieved of his war duties.
(c) It is a letter to his children.
(d) The dead man asks his sweetheart to marry him.

4. Why does Sadler decide to dismantle the old bomb buried in the dirt?
(a) Sadler doesn't want innocent women and children near the bomb.
(b) The enemy uses old bombs for ammunition.
(c) The bomb might explode and kill an American platoon.
(d) Sadler's platoon needs extra ammunition.

5. What type of terrain is the Arizona shore the Marines climb onto from the chest high river?
(a) The shore is mountainous.
(b) The shore is full of craters and shattered trees.
(c) The shore is mud and sand.
(d) The shore is all flatland.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Hodges' men take position?

2. What happens to Dan's family when he sneaks away from his unit to bring his family to safety?

3. Who denies access to Bagger when he wants to see his friend, Homicide?

4. What does Hodges think about his situation as the enemy begins bombing?

5. Chapter 15 Why does Dan leave his family to fight in the war?

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