Objects & Places from Fields of Fire

James Webb
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This place is located in the southern section of Japan and is surrounded by islands. It is where Hodges stayed during his waiting period to be sent to Vietnam.

The Bush

This barren land of nothing more than holes and intense heat is where all the action happens.

Da Nang

This is a major port city in the South Central Coast of Vietnam. It is where Hodges and the others began processing into Vietnam.

Phu Phong

This is one of the perimeters used by the Marines in their random treks across the valley floor. It is four hundred meters across at its widest point, sitting on a high, kidney shaped mound, covered with trees and shrubs and high weeds.

Liberty Bridge

This is located along the eastern banks of the Arizona where two rivers meet. It is known as "Skate City."


This place sits on the...

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