Daily Lessons for Teaching Fields of Fire

James Webb
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1 | Chapter 2)


In the first two chapters, the reader is introduced to Ronnie and Bobby. They each reasons for enlisting in the Marines.

The objective of this lesson is to understand the background of Ronnie and Bobby and get to know these characters and where they come from.


1) Compare the characters of Ronnie and Bobby in class. Have a discussion about where they come from and their reasons for enlisting in the Marines. Compare their way of life, families, career choices, friends, and personalities.

2) Homework: Create a character sketch for each of the men: Ronnie and Bobby. Include the personality traits, feelings, temperament, speech, and behavior of each man. Describe how each of them is a believable character and what their purpose is at the start of the novel.

3) Have the class write an essay on the techniques that Webb uses to develop the characters of Ronnie...

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