Fields of Fire Fun Activities

James Webb
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Illustrated Cover

Create an illustrated cover that best depicts the novel.

Word Search Puzzle

Make a word search puzzle using words taken from Webb's descriptions of the Vietnam War.

Newspaper Article

Write a newspaper article describing the battle in the cemetery where Snake and Hodges are killed.

Write a Eulogy

Write a eulogy of two paragraphs honoring Robert E. Lee Hodges.

Slide Show

Make a powerpoint slideshow of the key events in the novel. Include authentic photos of the Vietnam War if possible and a soundtrack of music from the Vietnam era.

Write a Postcard

Pretend to be a visitor in Da Nang during the Vietnam War. Make a postcard to send home to friends detailing your stay in Da Nang, explaining the dangers you are facing. Draw an illustration of Da Nang on the front.

Watch the Movie

Watch one of the many movies that have been...

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