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Joseph Stein
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Fyedka comes to Motel's shop, picks up a shirt, and offers congratulations. When he leaves the shop, who discreetly follows Fyedka?
(a) Tzeitel.
(b) Motel.
(c) Golde.
(d) Chava.

2. In the conversation Tevye holds with God some time after the wedding, he says that Tzeitel and Motel work very hard and are as poor as what?
(a) Cows without grass.
(b) Newborn kittens.
(c) Birds without a nest.
(d) Squirrels in winter.

3. Some time after Perchik leaves the village, Yente comes by with a letter she picked up at the post office. It's from Perchik, and it's for ______________.
(a) Motel.
(b) The rabbi.
(c) Hodel.
(d) Tevye.

4. The boys that the matchmaker brings Golde for her youngest daughters _______________.
(a) Are brothers.
(b) Are the matchmaker's nephews.
(c) Are visiting their relatives in the village.
(d) Have the same first name.

5. From the letter Yente picks up and delivers to Tzeitel, everyone learns that Perchik ________________.
(a) Has been arrested.
(b) Will be gone for years.
(c) Is working as a spy.
(d) Has become a professor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Right before everyone leaves the village, Chava and Fyedka stop by to explain that they also are leaving because ________________.

2. Villagers are asking the rabbi and each other about the big news, which is about a new _______________.

3. Where is Lazar Wolf going at the end of the story?

4. What wedding gifts do Tevye and Golde give to the newly married couple, Tzeitel and Motel?

5. The villagers want to know if Tevye has seen the constable because they heard rumors about _______________.

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