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Joseph Stein
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is one of Tevye's daughters going to Siberia?
(a) The youngest will be going to school there.
(b) Perchik has been arrested and Hodel wants to go help him.
(c) Tzeitel is going to ask for financial help from a relative there.
(d) Chava is running away to marry Fyedka.

2. After the wedding, Tevye speaks to God and starts to say, "As the Good Book says ..." but then stops himself. What does he say right afterward?
(a) Oops, I forgot who I was talking to.
(b) Ah, you already know what is written in the Good Book.
(c) Why should I tell you what the Good Book says?
(d) Forgive me, I wasn't thinking.

3. As Golde and Tevye prepare to leave their village, Golde is sad that Hodel and Perchik are not with them. Tevye tells her that ______________.
(a) They are busy raising a family of their own.
(b) Perchik sits in prison and Hodel works.
(c) The two are on a boat headed to America.
(d) Perchik works at the university and Hodel is raising their child.

4. In his conversation with God following the wedding, what else does Tevye mention to God as needing attention?
(a) His horse's leg.
(b) The roof of his house.
(c) His dilapidated barn.
(d) His cow's health.

5. Who helps the elderly rabbi to the table?
(a) Perchik.
(b) Fyedka.
(c) Chava.
(d) Mendel.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Golde asks Yente which daughter gets which boy, what does the matchmaker reply?

2. When Hodel prepares to marry Perchik, Tevye worries that there will be no one to perform a proper marriage. Hodel assures him that _______________.

3. When the rabbi arrives at Motel's shop where practically the entire village is gathered, everyone asks him if there is a blessing for what?

4. In the conversation Tevye holds with God some time after the wedding, he says that Tzeitel and Motel work very hard and are as poor as what?

5. The boys that the matchmaker brings Golde for her youngest daughters _______________.

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