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Joseph Stein
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Tevye pulls his cart, Golde finds him. She is distraught. What does she share with Tevye?
(a) Fyedka has kidnapped Chava.
(b) Chava left home in the morning with Fyedka.
(c) Chava is missing and nobody can find her.
(d) Fyedka and Chava are engaged.

2. Inside Motel's shop, the villagers are gathered to see ______________.
(a) Motel and Tzeitel's new baby.
(b) The used sewing machine that just arrived.
(c) Motel and Tzeitel's new flower stand.
(d) Tzeitel's new dress.

3. When Golde asks Yente which daughter gets which boy, what does the matchmaker reply?
(a) The boys should decide.
(b) She hasn't decided that part yet.
(c) The girls can pick.
(d) It makes no difference.

4. The boys that the matchmaker brings Golde for her youngest daughters _______________.
(a) Are visiting their relatives in the village.
(b) Have the same first name.
(c) Are the matchmaker's nephews.
(d) Are brothers.

5. In the conversation Tevye holds with God some time after the wedding, he says that Tzeitel and Motel work very hard and are as poor as what?
(a) Squirrels in winter.
(b) Newborn kittens.
(c) Birds without a nest.
(d) Cows without grass.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Hodel prepares to marry Perchik, Tevye worries that there will be no one to perform a proper marriage. Hodel assures him that _______________.

2. Right before everyone leaves the village, Chava and Fyedka stop by to explain that they also are leaving because ________________.

3. When the matchmaker brings Golde a couple of teen boys for her youngest daughters, what does Golde say?

4. After the wedding, Tevye speaks to God and starts to say, "As the Good Book says ..." but then stops himself. What does he say right afterward?

5. Why is everyone shocked when, at Tzeitel's wedding reception, Perchik asks Hodel to dance with him?

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