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Joseph Stein
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Avram waves a newspaper, what terrible news from another town does he announce?
(a) A flood devastated the town.
(b) All the Jews were evicted.
(c) Russian soldiers attacked the Jews.
(d) The Tsar arrested town leaders.

2. As they make preparations for the Sabbath, what does Tzeitel urge Motel to do?
(a) Talk to Tevye before it's too late.
(b) Find out who Perchik really is.
(c) Distract Lazar so Tevye can't talk to him.
(d) Bring in extra food from his house.

3. According to the "Tradition" song, what are the "Mamas" expected to do?
(a) Feed the husband and wash clothes.
(b) Teach daughters to read.
(c) Raise the family and run the home.
(d) Teach sons to pray.

4. In the first act, what blessing does the rabbi give the Tsar?
(a) Abundant tasks to keep him occupied.
(b) Bless him and keep him out of trouble.
(c) Abundant patience and tolerance.
(d) Bless him and keep him away from their village.

5. As everyone prepares for the Sabbath, what does Tzeitel tell Motel when they are alone?
(a) She doesn't trust Perchik.
(b) They don't have enough food for everyone.
(c) She doesn't like Lazar.
(d) The matchmaker had stopped by.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Tevye's dream, Grandmother Tzeitel calls Motel a _______________.

2. What news does the matchmaker deliver to Golde and her daughters regarding the butcher, Lazar Wolf?

3. What is Yente's role in the village?

4. When Tevye and Lazar meet to talk, what does Tevye think they're discussing?

5. When Golde asks Tevye where his horse is, what does Tevye reply?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the confusion during the conversation between Tevye and Lazar at the inn.

2. How does Tzeitel take the news that she is to be married to Lazar Wolf?

3. As Perchik and Hodel watch the wedding of Tzeitel and Motel unfold, what do they wonder aloud?

4. Why does an argument break out during Motel and Tzeitel's wedding reception?

5. List some of the rumors Yente spreads after reading the letter Perchik sent Hodel.

6. What work arrangement does Perchik make with Tevye?

7. Describe the blessing the rabbi gives the Tsar as the story opens.

8. As people congratulate Motel on his upcoming wedding, why do their well wishes seem insincere?

9. Summarize the conversation between Chava and Fyedka inside Motel's shop.

10. How does the wedding ceremony end?

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