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Joseph Stein
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Tevye claims that without their traditions, the villagers' lives would be ______________.
(a) As shaky as a fiddler on the roof.
(b) As cold as a Siberian winter.
(c) As empty as a drained milk jug.
(d) As lonely as a frightened fiddler.

2. The village matchmaker, who has been a widow for a long time, claims that a bad husband:
(a) Doesn't exist.
(b) Is better than no husband.
(c) Should be thrown in prison.
(d) Is no good for anyone.

3. While Tevye is introducing his family to Perchik, Motel arrives. What does Tevye say about Motel?
(a) Here's our neighbor.
(b) Him, I don't know.
(c) This is not mine.
(d) This is the town tailor.

4. When a beggar gets only one coin this week, he complains that he got two coins the previous week. The donor explains he had a bad week, to which the beggar replies:
(a) Why should he suffer for someone else's bad week?
(b) It's all right so long as he gets three coins next week.
(c) He can't afford a bad week.
(d) What's the donor hiding in his coat pocket?

5. What does Perchik teach Hodel that he says he learned in Kiev?
(a) A dance.
(b) A prayer.
(c) A poem.
(d) A song.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Lazar say he sees Tzeitel every Thursday?

2. Who appears to Tevye in his dream after Grandmother Tzeitel is done talking to him?

3. When Golde asks her daughter Chava if she has finished milking the cows, what does Chava accidentally drop?

4. How does Tzeitel react when she learns she is to wed Lazar Wolf?

5. When Motel tells Tevye that he wants to marry Tzeitel, he explains that a year ago, they _______________.

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Golde frantic when she locates Tevye to talk about Chava?

2. When Motel stops by asking for Tzeitel as Golde and the matchmaker converse, why does the matchmaker become suspicious?

3. After Perchik has a conversation with the angered villagers, he and Tevye talk. Summarize the conversation they have surrounding a piece of cheese.

4. When we first meet Tevye's daughters, what do we learn about Chava?

5. How does Tevye react to Golde telling him that Lazar Wolf wants to talk to him?

6. As Yente, the matchmaker, makes her way to Golde's house while the family prepares for the Sabbath, why does Tzeitel complain?

7. How does the wedding ceremony end?

8. As the wedding ceremony takes place, what do Tevye and Golde sing about?

9. How does Tevye respond to the news the constable gives him right after he agrees to Lazar marrying Tzeitel?

10. How does Hodel defend Perchik as she and Tevye wait at the train station?

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