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Joseph Stein
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the "Tradition" song, what are the "Mamas" expected to do?
(a) Feed the husband and wash clothes.
(b) Raise the family and run the home.
(c) Teach daughters to read.
(d) Teach sons to pray.

2. When the Russians join in on the celebratory song and dance between Lazar, Tevye, and other Jews, what is part of the blessing they offer?
(a) May life bring you abundance.
(b) May we live together in peace.
(c) May you have many children.
(d) May all your dreams come true.

3. When Tzeitel and Motel talk while they prepare for the Sabbath, what does Motel tell Tzeitel that he plans to purchase?
(a) Small farm.
(b) Typewriter.
(c) Sewing machine.
(d) Milking cow.

4. When one of her daughters reminds Golde that Tevye works hard, what does Golde say?
(a) The dairy cows do all the work.
(b) Traditions are more important to him than work.
(c) His horse works harder.
(d) She works hardest.

5. When Tevye asks Perchik how he makes money, what does Perchik say?
(a) He's an actor.
(b) He's a tutor.
(c) He runs errands.
(d) He repairs roofs.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Sasha and another Russian harass Chava, what does Fyedka do?

2. Lazar tries to convince Tevye to agree to a marriage between him and Tzeitel by explaining that he's well off and ________________.

3. When Tevye tells Golde that Grandmother Tzeitel appeared in his dream, what does Golde ask?

4. Tevye's conversation with the constable reveals that _______________.

5. At Motel and Tzeitel's wedding, who wonders if they'll be married one day?

Short Essay Questions

1. After much drinking and merriment following Tevye's permission to Lazar to marry his daughter, what do these two say to each other about how they'll be related after the wedding?

2. What does the new arrival turn out to be, and why is everyone excited about it?

3. What work arrangement does Perchik make with Tevye?

4. Near the end of the story, what does the constable tell Tevye and the other villagers?

5. Describe the scene as Tzeitel and Motel's wedding begins.

6. By the end of Tevye's dream sequence, what helps Golde to give up on the idea of Tzeitel marrying Lazar and accept that she is to wed Motel instead?

7. How does Tzeitel take the news that she is to be married to Lazar Wolf?

8. How does Tevye react after Hodel and Perchik tell him that they are engaged?

9. How does Golde initially respond to what her departed grandmother, Grandma Tzeitel, reveals to Tevye in his dream?

10. Why does the matchmaker feel that the shoemaker's daughter is a perfect match for someone in particular?

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