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Joseph Stein
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When addressing the audience at the start of the story, Tevye explains that in his community balance is kept through what?
(a) Law and order.
(b) Hard work.
(c) Poverty.
(d) Tradition.

2. Hearing the news of the upcoming marriage, Russians who were sitting and drinking nearby bestow the following words upon Lazar and Tevye:
(a) Heaven bless you both.
(b) Be well and merry.
(c) Live long and prosper.
(d) Enjoy everything.

3. After taking the cheese Tevye offers, what does Perchik say about the rich?
(a) They eat too much.
(b) He wants to be like them.
(c) They are criminals.
(d) He admires them.

4. What kind of shop does Motel own?
(a) Barber shop.
(b) Fruit stand.
(c) Tailor shop.
(d) Flower stand.

5. In Tevye's dream, why is Lazar Wolf's first wife angry?
(a) Everyone says mean things about her.
(b) Lazar doesn't love her anymore.
(c) Tevye's daughter is marrying her husband.
(d) She was always an angry person.

Short Answer Questions

1. Tevye convinces himself that by marrying Lazar, Tzeitel will never know what?

2. When Tevye first offers Perchik a piece of cheese, why does Perchik decline?

3. Why does the constable give Tevye confidential information?

4. How does Tzeitel react when she learns she is to wed Lazar Wolf?

5. With Tevye, Lazar, and other men roaming the streets drunk, the constable appears. What does he ask?

Short Essay Questions

1. By the end of Tevye's dream sequence, what helps Golde to give up on the idea of Tzeitel marrying Lazar and accept that she is to wed Motel instead?

2. How does the wedding ceremony end?

3. Several months after Hodel leaves for Siberia, the villagers are running around excited about a "new arrival." Describe this scene.

4. How do Tevye and Lazar react once they realize they've been talking about two completely different matters?

5. What does Tevye say regarding the Russians living in their village?

6. Why is Motel reluctant to talk with Tevye about his love for Tzeitel?

7. How does Tevye react to Golde telling him that Lazar Wolf wants to talk to him?

8. When Motel stops by asking for Tzeitel as Golde and the matchmaker converse, why does the matchmaker become suspicious?

9. What happens after Tevye gives Lazar permission to marry his daughter?

10. As Perchik and Hodel watch the wedding of Tzeitel and Motel unfold, what do they wonder aloud?

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