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Joseph Stein
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Perchik tries to reason with Hodel, who is very upset, he explains that what happened at her sister's wedding _____________.
(a) Is a sign of violence happening across the country.
(b) Was a simple misunderstanding.
(c) Meant absolutely nothing.
(d) Is a sign that the villagers have it in for him.

2. What does Lazar say when he first stands up to talk at Tzeitel and Motel's wedding celebration?
(a) Her never stood a chance.
(b) Motel better watch out.
(c) He has no ill feelings.
(d) He'll get over his heartbreak eventually.

3. In the final scene, where does Motel say he, Tzeitel, and the baby will be going to?
(a) Warsaw.
(b) Chicago.
(c) New York City.
(d) Moscow.

4. From the letter Yente picks up and delivers to Tzeitel, everyone learns that Perchik ________________.
(a) Has become a professor.
(b) Has been arrested.
(c) Is working as a spy.
(d) Will be gone for years.

5. When the matchmaker brings Golde a couple of teen boys for her youngest daughters, what does Golde say?
(a) Her daughters are still too young.
(b) The boys don't even have beards yet.
(c) Go away and leave us alone.
(d) These boys are perfect.

6. As Tevye pulls his cart, Golde finds him. She is distraught. What does she share with Tevye?
(a) Chava is missing and nobody can find her.
(b) Fyedka has kidnapped Chava.
(c) Fyedka and Chava are engaged.
(d) Chava left home in the morning with Fyedka.

7. When Tevye comes in following Perchik's marriage proposal to Hodel, Perchik says he has bad news and good news. What is the good news?
(a) He inherited a vast fortune.
(b) He and Hodel are engaged.
(c) He has purchased grain and eggs for the family.
(d) He got a job at the university.

8. Inside Motel's shop, the villagers are gathered to see ______________.
(a) Motel and Tzeitel's new flower stand.
(b) Motel and Tzeitel's new baby.
(c) Tzeitel's new dress.
(d) The used sewing machine that just arrived.

9. Why is one of Tevye's daughters going to Siberia?
(a) Perchik has been arrested and Hodel wants to go help him.
(b) Tzeitel is going to ask for financial help from a relative there.
(c) Chava is running away to marry Fyedka.
(d) The youngest will be going to school there.

10. Villagers are asking the rabbi and each other about the big news, which is about a new _______________.
(a) Arrival.
(b) Tsar.
(c) Match.
(d) Skirmish.

11. Hodel tells Tevye that Perchik is in trouble but through no fault of his own. When Tevye expresses doubt, Hodel reminds him about the stories of _____________.
(a) Jacob and Rachel.
(b) Abraham and Moses.
(c) Daniel and the lion's den.
(d) David and Bathsheba.

12. What wedding gifts do Tevye and Golde give to the newly married couple, Tzeitel and Motel?
(a) Sewing machine and yards of cloth.
(b) Kitchen table, plates, and mugs.
(c) Towels and scented soaps.
(d) Featherbed, goose pillows, and candlesticks.

13. As the villagers ask Tevye if he's seen the constable and then share with him rumors they've heard, the constable walks in and tells everyone what?
(a) They need to leave their village in three days.
(b) The Tsar will be stopping by that evening.
(c) He will have to arrest them if they don't go home.
(d) He's looking for more men to join the Russian army.

14. What does Lazar give the newlyweds, Tzeitel and Motel?
(a) Five chickens.
(b) Two cows.
(c) A silver platter.
(d) A gold goblet.

15. When everyone talks about big news, the audience is led to believe that Tzeitel and Motel _______________.
(a) Set up a flower stand.
(b) Received a fortune from a rich uncle.
(c) Just had a baby.
(d) Have separated.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Yente hands a letter to Tzeitel, what else does she say?

2. When Golde asks Yente which daughter gets which boy, what does the matchmaker reply?

3. When Tevye comes in following Perchik's marriage proposal to Hodel, Perchik says he has bad news and good news. What is the bad news?

4. Right before everyone leaves the village, Chava and Fyedka stop by to explain that they also are leaving because ________________.

5. After Golde tells Tevye what she's learned about Chava, what does Tevye say?

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