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Joseph Stein
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Lazar Wolf going at the end of the story?
(a) Detroit.
(b) Atlanta.
(c) Chicago.
(d) New York City.

2. When the wedding ceremony is over and the celebrating begins, what does Mordcha say when he asks for silence?
(a) Asks people to not get too loud.
(b) Invites everyone to dance.
(c) Tells everyone drinks are on the house.
(d) Blesses the couple.

3. Some time after Perchik leaves the village, Yente comes by with a letter she picked up at the post office. It's from Perchik, and it's for ______________.
(a) Hodel.
(b) Motel.
(c) Tevye.
(d) The rabbi.

4. As Perchik tries to reason with Hodel, who is very upset, he explains that what happened at her sister's wedding _____________.
(a) Is a sign of violence happening across the country.
(b) Is a sign that the villagers have it in for him.
(c) Was a simple misunderstanding.
(d) Meant absolutely nothing.

5. When Yente hands a letter to Tzeitel, what else does she say?
(a) She often spots Chava and Fyedka together.
(b) Golde insulted her.
(c) Tevye owes her money.
(d) Perchik will never return to Hodel.

6. As Yente and other women of the village gossip, the story keeps changing. By the end of their gossiping, everyone mistakenly thinks that who has been arrested?
(a) Golde.
(b) Hodel.
(c) Tevye.
(d) Motel.

7. When Tevye reluctantly lets Hodel leave, he asks God to see that she ______________.
(a) Doesn't starve.
(b) Dresses warm.
(c) Doesn't make a mistake.
(d) Comes back soon.

8. Long after Tzeitel's wedding, someone asks the rabbi if he's heard the news. The rabbi asks if it's more bad news, and the reply is ______________.
(a) Yes, terrible news.
(b) It depends on how you look at it.
(c) No, good news.
(d) It's not the best, but I've heard worse.

9. When Tevye comes in following Perchik's marriage proposal to Hodel, Perchik says he has bad news and good news. What is the good news?
(a) He got a job at the university.
(b) He has purchased grain and eggs for the family.
(c) He inherited a vast fortune.
(d) He and Hodel are engaged.

10. Inside Motel's shop, the villagers are gathered to see ______________.
(a) Tzeitel's new dress.
(b) Motel and Tzeitel's new baby.
(c) Motel and Tzeitel's new flower stand.
(d) The used sewing machine that just arrived.

11. When Chava begs Tevye to accept her marriage with Fyedka, what does Tevye do?
(a) He sits down and listens patiently.
(b) He hugs her and tells her it's all right.
(c) He yells and refuses to talk to her.
(d) He covers his ears and runs away.

12. When Hodel prepares to marry Perchik, Tevye worries that there will be no one to perform a proper marriage. Hodel assures him that _______________.
(a) They'll marry under a canopy, according to tradition.
(b) They'll invite him to the wedding.
(c) Perchik has everything already arranged.
(d) They'll find the best rabbi in town.

13. Hodel tells Tevye that Perchik is in trouble but through no fault of his own. When Tevye expresses doubt, Hodel reminds him about the stories of _____________.
(a) Jacob and Rachel.
(b) Abraham and Moses.
(c) Daniel and the lion's den.
(d) David and Bathsheba.

14. Villagers are asking the rabbi and each other about the big news, which is about a new _______________.
(a) Match.
(b) Arrival.
(c) Skirmish.
(d) Tsar.

15. In his conversation with God following the wedding, what else does Tevye mention to God as needing attention?
(a) The roof of his house.
(b) His cow's health.
(c) His horse's leg.
(d) His dilapidated barn.

Short Answer Questions

1. When everyone talks about big news, the audience is led to believe that Tzeitel and Motel _______________.

2. Despite Golde's protests, what does Tevye decide about Chava?

3. When the rabbi arrives at Motel's shop where practically the entire village is gathered, everyone asks him if there is a blessing for what?

4. What does Lazar give the newlyweds, Tzeitel and Motel?

5. As Tevye pulls his cart, Golde finds him. She is distraught. What does she share with Tevye?

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