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Joseph Stein
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While everyone's gathered at Motel's shop admiring the new arrival, Golde talks with Tzeitel about what?
(a) Tzeitel's relationship with Motel.
(b) Tzeitel's sisters.
(c) The baby.
(d) The responsibility of running a shop.

2. When the villagers are gathered at his shop, why does Motel hold up two different pieces of cloth that have been sewn together?
(a) To show that he's tried out the newly arrived sewing machine.
(b) It's the beginning of the blanket he's sewing for his baby.
(c) To show the new dress he's making for Tzeitel.
(d) So everyone can see the start of the banner for the new flower shop.

3. Golde tells Tevye that in her search for Chava, she went to talk to the priest. What did the priest tell her?
(a) Chava and Fyedka were married.
(b) He swore he would not reveal Chava's whereabouts.
(c) He didn't know anything.
(d) Chava is pregnant and frightened.

4. When Chava begs Tevye to accept her marriage with Fyedka, what does Tevye do?
(a) He hugs her and tells her it's all right.
(b) He yells and refuses to talk to her.
(c) He sits down and listens patiently.
(d) He covers his ears and runs away.

5. As Tevye sits and talks to God after Tzeitel and Motel are married, what does he request?
(a) A grandchild.
(b) Peace in their village.
(c) A sewing machine for Motel.
(d) A wife for Lazar.

6. In the final scene, where does Motel say he, Tzeitel, and the baby will be going to?
(a) Chicago.
(b) Moscow.
(c) New York City.
(d) Warsaw.

7. Some time after Perchik leaves the village, Yente comes by with a letter she picked up at the post office. It's from Perchik, and it's for ______________.
(a) Hodel.
(b) Motel.
(c) The rabbi.
(d) Tevye.

8. At the end of the story, Yente says she will go where?
(a) The Holy Land.
(b) America.
(c) South America.
(d) Switzerland.

9. Right before everyone leaves the village, Chava and Fyedka stop by to explain that they also are leaving because ________________.
(a) They can't live among people who would do this to others.
(b) Family always sticks together.
(c) They are not wanted in their neighborhood.
(d) Feelings are stronger than principle.

10. When gossip started by Yente spreads like wildfire, changing along the way, the village blames the supposed woes befalling Tevye's family upon _____________.
(a) The growing revolution.
(b) Tzeitel refusing to accept the match with Lazar.
(c) The fact that everyone danced together at the wedding.
(d) Tevye's daughters growing in independence.

11. From the letter Yente picks up and delivers to Tzeitel, everyone learns that Perchik ________________.
(a) Has become a professor.
(b) Has been arrested.
(c) Will be gone for years.
(d) Is working as a spy.

12. After the wedding, Tevye speaks to God and starts to say, "As the Good Book says ..." but then stops himself. What does he say right afterward?
(a) Why should I tell you what the Good Book says?
(b) Ah, you already know what is written in the Good Book.
(c) Oops, I forgot who I was talking to.
(d) Forgive me, I wasn't thinking.

13. As Yente and other women of the village gossip, the story keeps changing. By the end of their gossiping, everyone mistakenly thinks that who has been arrested?
(a) Motel.
(b) Golde.
(c) Hodel.
(d) Tevye.

14. Long after Tzeitel's wedding, upon hearing of big news, the villagers trade _______________.
(a) Condolences.
(b) Mazeltovs.
(c) Insults.
(d) Gasps.

15. As the villagers ask Tevye if he's seen the constable and then share with him rumors they've heard, the constable walks in and tells everyone what?
(a) The Tsar will be stopping by that evening.
(b) He's looking for more men to join the Russian army.
(c) They need to leave their village in three days.
(d) He will have to arrest them if they don't go home.

Short Answer Questions

1. Before Perchik proposes to Hodel, he says that marriage must be founded on ______________.

2. When everyone talks about big news, the audience is led to believe that Tzeitel and Motel _______________.

3. Even though Tevye and Golde are leaving their home forever, why is Golde sweeping the floor?

4. In the conversation Tevye holds with God some time after the wedding, he says that Tzeitel and Motel work very hard and are as poor as what?

5. When Golde asks Yente which daughter gets which boy, what does the matchmaker reply?

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