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Joseph Stein
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After the wedding, Tevye speaks to God and starts to say, "As the Good Book says ..." but then stops himself. What does he say right afterward?
(a) Why should I tell you what the Good Book says?
(b) Oops, I forgot who I was talking to.
(c) Forgive me, I wasn't thinking.
(d) Ah, you already know what is written in the Good Book.

2. When Tevye reluctantly lets Hodel leave, he asks God to see that she ______________.
(a) Comes back soon.
(b) Dresses warm.
(c) Doesn't starve.
(d) Doesn't make a mistake.

3. As Tevye pulls his cart, Golde finds him. She is distraught. What does she share with Tevye?
(a) Fyedka and Chava are engaged.
(b) Fyedka has kidnapped Chava.
(c) Chava is missing and nobody can find her.
(d) Chava left home in the morning with Fyedka.

4. When Tevye comes in following Perchik's marriage proposal to Hodel, Perchik says he has bad news and good news. What is the bad news?
(a) His friends were caught stealing.
(b) He broke his arm.
(c) He's leaving the next day.
(d) He's run out of money.

5. Right before everyone leaves the village, Chava and Fyedka stop by to explain that they also are leaving because ________________.
(a) They can't live among people who would do this to others.
(b) Family always sticks together.
(c) They are not wanted in their neighborhood.
(d) Feelings are stronger than principle.

6. Fyedka comes to Motel's shop, picks up a shirt, and offers congratulations. When he leaves the shop, who discreetly follows Fyedka?
(a) Golde.
(b) Tzeitel.
(c) Chava.
(d) Motel.

7. In the final scene, where does Motel say he, Tzeitel, and the baby will be going to?
(a) Warsaw.
(b) New York City.
(c) Moscow.
(d) Chicago.

8. Before Perchik proposes to Hodel, he says that marriage must be founded on ______________.
(a) Trust.
(b) Mutual beliefs.
(c) Friendship.
(d) Love and devotion.

9. When Shandel crosses the stage in a rush and a woman asks her where she's running, Shandel replies ________________.
(a) To Motel's house.
(b) To the marketplace.
(c) To see Golde.
(d) To the matchmaker's place.

10. When the villagers are gathered at his shop, why does Motel hold up two different pieces of cloth that have been sewn together?
(a) It's the beginning of the blanket he's sewing for his baby.
(b) To show the new dress he's making for Tzeitel.
(c) To show that he's tried out the newly arrived sewing machine.
(d) So everyone can see the start of the banner for the new flower shop.

11. When Tevye comes in following Perchik's marriage proposal to Hodel, Perchik says he has bad news and good news. What is the good news?
(a) He has purchased grain and eggs for the family.
(b) He and Hodel are engaged.
(c) He inherited a vast fortune.
(d) He got a job at the university.

12. As Tevye sits and talks to God after Tzeitel and Motel are married, what does he request?
(a) A grandchild.
(b) A sewing machine for Motel.
(c) Peace in their village.
(d) A wife for Lazar.

13. When Yente hands a letter to Tzeitel, what else does she say?
(a) Perchik will never return to Hodel.
(b) Tevye owes her money.
(c) Golde insulted her.
(d) She often spots Chava and Fyedka together.

14. As the pair sits together at the railroad station ________________.
(a) Hodel and Tzeitel wish each other good luck in life.
(b) Hodel tells Tevye he doesn't have to wait with her.
(c) Tzeitel cries and asks why Motel must leave.
(d) Tevye tells Motel to come back to Tzeitel soon.

15. When the wedding ceremony is over and the celebrating begins, what does Mordcha say when he asks for silence?
(a) Invites everyone to dance.
(b) Asks people to not get too loud.
(c) Tells everyone drinks are on the house.
(d) Blesses the couple.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Golde asks Yente which daughter gets which boy, what does the matchmaker reply?

2. Through Tevye's conversation with God, what do we learn about Tzeitel and Motel after their wedding?

3. Villagers are asking the rabbi and each other about the big news, which is about a new _______________.

4. When Chava begs Tevye to accept her marriage with Fyedka, what does Tevye do?

5. When Yente hands Tzeitel a letter written by Perchik, Tzeitel notes that _______________.

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