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Joseph Stein
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Tevye asks Perchik how he makes money, what does Perchik say?
(a) He repairs roofs.
(b) He's a tutor.
(c) He runs errands.
(d) He's an actor.

2. Who is Fruma Sarah to Lazar Wolf?
(a) Mother.
(b) Sister.
(c) Daughter.
(d) First wife.

3. Chava is reluctant to take the book Fyedka offers her. In the end, she _____________.
(a) Takes it.
(b) Storms out.
(c) Refuses it.
(d) Throws it down.

4. What news does the matchmaker deliver to Golde and her daughters regarding the butcher, Lazar Wolf?
(a) He has been imprisoned.
(b) His son is interested in Tzeitel.
(c) He's interested in Tzeitel.
(d) He has a gift for them.

5. When Grandmother Tzeitel praises Motel as the chosen husband for young Tzeitel, what does Golde say?
(a) She must have heard the news wrong.
(b) Motel is a poor choice.
(c) Motel is just a friend.
(d) Lazar is a much better choice.

6. When Perchik finally takes the cheese Tevye offers him, what does Tevye say?
(a) There's always room for a bit of cheese.
(b) It's no crime being poor.
(c) The villagers can be trusted.
(d) Don't forget to thank God for it.

7. When Golde and Tevye's daughters sing the "Matchmaker" song, which of the following is NOT part of the lyrics?
(a) Find me a find.
(b) Make me a match.
(c) Catch me a catch.
(d) Bring me a dream.

8. When Tevye sings "If I Were A Rich Man," he says that he'd build a house with one staircase going up, one going down, and the third _____________.
(a) Going sideways.
(b) Extending into the cellar.
(c) Going nowhere.
(d) Extending beyond the roof.

9. Tevye convinces himself that by marrying Lazar, Tzeitel will never know what?
(a) Poverty.
(b) Loneliness.
(c) Pain.
(d) Hunger.

10. Once Tevye and Lazar agree to an arranged marriage between Lazar and Tzeitel, what do the men drink to?
(a) Health, wealth, and wisdom.
(b) To abundance.
(c) Marriage, family, and grandchildren.
(d) To life.

11. When Yussel steps into Motel's shop to congratulate him for the upcoming wedding, what does Motel ask him?
(a) To lend him money.
(b) For a wedding hat.
(c) To please leave.
(d) For advice.

12. When Tevye and Lazar meet to talk, what does Tevye think they're discussing?
(a) Increasing Lazar's milk order.
(b) Going into business together.
(c) Purchasing Tevye's house.
(d) Buying Tevye's little milk cow.

13. Tevye's conversation with the constable reveals that _______________.
(a) The constable doesn't like Tevye at all.
(b) The split between the Jews and Russians is real.
(c) Nobody in the village can be trusted.
(d) The constable is a wicked man.

14. When Perchik makes fun of traditions that never change, what does Hodel do?
(a) Slaps him.
(b) Agrees with him.
(c) Defends traditions.
(d) Laughs loudly.

15. Perchik teaches Shprintze and Bielke outside their home as they do what?
(a) Milk cows.
(b) Wash clothes.
(c) Peel potatoes.
(d) Plant onions.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Tevye first offers Perchik a piece of cheese, why does Perchik decline?

2. Before Tevye arrives to talk with Lazar, the butcher orders what?

3. As everyone sings "Sunrise, Sunset" in the wedding scene, Golde says, "Wasn't it yesterday when they ... :"

4. When the two Russians who were bothering Chava leave, what does Fyedka do?

5. At their wedding, where do Tzeitel and Motel stand relative to other people?

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