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Joseph Stein
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Grandmother Tzeitel praises Motel as the chosen husband for young Tzeitel, what does Golde say?
(a) Motel is just a friend.
(b) Lazar is a much better choice.
(c) Motel is a poor choice.
(d) She must have heard the news wrong.

2. As guests enter during the wedding scene, what do they do?
(a) Kneel and pray.
(b) Yell "Mazeltov."
(c) Light candles.
(d) Drop rose petals.

3. How does Tevye react when he first learns that Lazar is interested in Tzeitel?
(a) He says Lazar is way too old.
(b) He's surprised.
(c) He laughs uncontrollably.
(d) He's angry.

4. When Tzeitel and Motel talk while they prepare for the Sabbath, what does Motel tell Tzeitel that he plans to purchase?
(a) Sewing machine.
(b) Typewriter.
(c) Milking cow.
(d) Small farm.

5. When Golde finds Perchik teaching her younger daughters, what does she say?
(a) The lesson is completely pointless.
(b) Lesson's over because the girls have to clean the barn.
(c) Lesson's over because the girls must help make lunch.
(d) The lesson is interesting but not very applicable.

6. When addressing the audience at the start of the story, Tevye explains that in his community balance is kept through what?
(a) Law and order.
(b) Hard work.
(c) Tradition.
(d) Poverty.

7. Who is listening in as Perchik teaches Shprintze and Bielke?
(a) Tzeitzel.
(b) Chava.
(c) Motel.
(d) Hodel.

8. After Yussel steps into Motel's shop to congratulate him and is asked a question by Motel, what does Yussel reply?
(a) He's no good at dispensing advice, particularly about women.
(b) He'll gladly lend Motel money.
(c) He has an expensive hat that Lazar Wolf ordered.
(d) He wants to know why Motel would be so rude to him.

9. When Tevye talks to himself about Lazar, wondering whether or not to give permission for the marriage, he says that ______________.
(a) Tzeitel would be fine with marrying the butcher.
(b) He never really liked Lazar.
(c) Lazar would make an excellent husband.
(d) This might be Tzeitel's only chance.

10. After taking the cheese Tevye offers, what does Perchik say about the rich?
(a) They are criminals.
(b) He admires them.
(c) They eat too much.
(d) He wants to be like them.

11. According to the "Tradition" song, what are the "Mamas" expected to do?
(a) Raise the family and run the home.
(b) Teach sons to pray.
(c) Feed the husband and wash clothes.
(d) Teach daughters to read.

12. Why are traditions important to Tevye?
(a) They're fun and comfortable.
(b) Everyone knows their role in life.
(c) His ancestors came up with them.
(d) God developed them.

13. What kind of shop does Motel own?
(a) Tailor shop.
(b) Fruit stand.
(c) Barber shop.
(d) Flower stand.

14. When Sasha and another Russian harass Chava, what does Fyedka do?
(a) Looks the other way.
(b) Punches them.
(c) Asks them to stop.
(d) Joins them.

15. At the conclusion of Act 1, Scene 1, why are Golde and Tevye's daughters hoping the matchmaker will take her time finding them a match?
(a) They don't want to leave their parents and sisters.
(b) They want to finish school first.
(c) They want to travel and see the world before getting married.
(d) They're scared of getting stuck with a bad husband.

Short Answer Questions

1. As they make preparations for the Sabbath, what does Tzeitel urge Motel to do?

2. When the townspeople Mordcha and Mendel complain toTevye that he forgot their orders for the Sabbath, what does he reply?

3. After Tevye's celebratory mood is changed by the sobering conversation with the constable, what does the fiddler's appearance represent?

4. When Motel tells Tevye that he wants to marry Tzeitel, he explains that a year ago, they _______________.

5. When Yussel steps into Motel's shop to congratulate him for the upcoming wedding, what does Motel ask him?

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