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Joseph Stein
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With Tevye, Lazar, and other men roaming the streets drunk, the constable appears. What does he ask?
(a) Why they are being so loud.
(b) What they are celebrating.
(c) If they know what time it is.
(d) If their wives know where they are.

2. In the wedding scene, Tzeitel enters in her bridal clothes, followed by _________________.
(a) The rabbi and his family.
(b) Only the women of the village.
(c) Twelve bridesmaids.
(d) Her mother, father, sisters, and other relatives.

3. What is Yente's role in the village?
(a) Waitress.
(b) Peacemaker.
(c) Seamstress.
(d) Matchmaker.

4. After Yussel steps into Motel's shop to congratulate him and is asked a question by Motel, what does Yussel reply?
(a) He'll gladly lend Motel money.
(b) He has an expensive hat that Lazar Wolf ordered.
(c) He wants to know why Motel would be so rude to him.
(d) He's no good at dispensing advice, particularly about women.

5. What is Motel's job?
(a) Tailor.
(b) Dairyman.
(c) Innkeeper.
(d) Banker.

6. When one of her daughters reminds Golde that Tevye works hard, what does Golde say?
(a) She works hardest.
(b) His horse works harder.
(c) The dairy cows do all the work.
(d) Traditions are more important to him than work.

7. When Avram waves a newspaper, what terrible news from another town does he announce?
(a) A flood devastated the town.
(b) Russian soldiers attacked the Jews.
(c) The Tsar arrested town leaders.
(d) All the Jews were evicted.

8. Which of the following is NOT one of Tevye's daughters?
(a) Yentell.
(b) Hodel.
(c) Bielke.
(d) Tzeitel.

9. When Sasha and another Russian harass Chava, what does Fyedka do?
(a) Asks them to stop.
(b) Punches them.
(c) Joins them.
(d) Looks the other way.

10. When Perchik praises Hodel's quick and witty tongue, Tevye says that _____________.
(a) The tongue comes from him and the wit comes from her mother.
(b) Hodel has the quickest, wittiest tongue of anyone in the family.
(c) All of his daughters are witty, quick, and wise.
(d) The wit comes from him and the tongue comes from her mother.

11. When Golde and Tevye's daughters sing the "Matchmaker" song, which of the following is NOT part of the lyrics?
(a) Make me a match.
(b) Catch me a catch.
(c) Find me a find.
(d) Bring me a dream.

12. What does the spirit of Lazar Wolf's first wife indicate she'll do to Tzeitel?
(a) Choke her.
(b) Haunt her daily.
(c) Drive her out of town.
(d) Drown her.

13. After Tevye thanks the constable for the privileged information, what else does he say?
(a) The constable is a good man and it's too bad he's not a Jew.
(b) The Jews will not cause any trouble.
(c) He would appreciate it if the Russians didn't give them any trouble.
(d) It's too bad the Russians and the Jews can't see eye to eye.

14. When Perchik finally takes the cheese Tevye offers him, what does Tevye say?
(a) It's no crime being poor.
(b) The villagers can be trusted.
(c) Don't forget to thank God for it.
(d) There's always room for a bit of cheese.

15. Tevye tells Lazar that he always wanted a son but _______________.
(a) They're more like brothers.
(b) One a little younger than himself.
(c) Never even considered the butcher.
(d) Never expected such a rich one.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the lesson that Perchik tells Tevye's daughters about Laban and Jacob, what does Laban do?

2. As they make preparations for the Sabbath, what does Tzeitel urge Motel to do?

3. Why does the matchmaker feel that the shoemaker's daughter, who has poor eyesight, is a good match for a particular young man?

4. Who appears to Tevye in his dream after Grandmother Tzeitel is done talking to him?

5. How does Act 1, Scene 5 end?

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