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Joseph Stein
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Tevye thanks the constable for the privileged information, what else does he say?
(a) He would appreciate it if the Russians didn't give them any trouble.
(b) The constable is a good man and it's too bad he's not a Jew.
(c) It's too bad the Russians and the Jews can't see eye to eye.
(d) The Jews will not cause any trouble.

2. Before Tevye arrives to talk with Lazar, the butcher orders what?
(a) Two mugs of hot soup.
(b) A cup of coffee and a cup of tea.
(c) Two cups of coffee.
(d) Two glasses and a bottle of brandy.

3. Hearing the news of the upcoming marriage, Russians who were sitting and drinking nearby bestow the following words upon Lazar and Tevye:
(a) Be well and merry.
(b) Heaven bless you both.
(c) Live long and prosper.
(d) Enjoy everything.

4. Tevye convinces himself that by marrying Lazar, Tzeitel will never know what?
(a) Pain.
(b) Hunger.
(c) Loneliness.
(d) Poverty.

5. Who is Fruma Sarah to Lazar Wolf?
(a) Sister.
(b) Daughter.
(c) First wife.
(d) Mother.

6. While Tevye is introducing his family to Perchik, Motel arrives. What does Tevye say about Motel?
(a) Him, I don't know.
(b) This is not mine.
(c) This is the town tailor.
(d) Here's our neighbor.

7. When Tevye tells Golde that Grandmother Tzeitel appeared in his dream, what does Golde ask?
(a) How she looked.
(b) What she wanted.
(c) How she was feeling.
(d) Why she appeared.

8. The village matchmaker, who has been a widow for a long time, claims that a bad husband:
(a) Is no good for anyone.
(b) Is better than no husband.
(c) Doesn't exist.
(d) Should be thrown in prison.

9. When Tevye sings "If I Were A Rich Man," he says that he'd build a house with one staircase going up, one going down, and the third _____________.
(a) Going nowhere.
(b) Extending beyond the roof.
(c) Extending into the cellar.
(d) Going sideways.

10. When Tevye tells Golde about his frightening dream, he begins by saying that all the people they knew were _______________.
(a) At a funeral.
(b) At a celebration.
(c) Traveling by boat.
(d) Packing their belongings.

11. In Tevye's dream, Grandmother Tzeitel calls Motel a _______________.
(a) Silly young man in love.
(b) Fine upstanding boy.
(c) Clumsy but well-meaning man.
(d) Remarkably talented tailor.

12. When Tevye and Lazar meet to talk, what does Tevye think they're discussing?
(a) Buying Tevye's little milk cow.
(b) Increasing Lazar's milk order.
(c) Going into business together.
(d) Purchasing Tevye's house.

13. After teaching Tevye's daughters the story of Laban and Jacob, what does Perchik say is the moral of the story?
(a) Always pay your taxes.
(b) Never turn your back on a competitor.
(c) Always look on the bright side of life.
(d) Never trust an employer.

14. When Tevye asks Perchik how he makes money, what does Perchik say?
(a) He repairs roofs.
(b) He's a tutor.
(c) He's an actor.
(d) He runs errands.

15. After Tevye gives Lazar permission to marry his daughter, the men go out into the street drunk. What fact does Lazar point out to Tevye?
(a) Tzeitel will be the first of Tevye's daughters to marry.
(b) Tevye will be Lazar's papa.
(c) The Russians were rarely that cordial to them.
(d) Both men are the same age.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the matchmaker feel that the shoemaker's daughter, who has poor eyesight, is a good match for a particular young man?

2. Which of the following is part of the Sabbath Prayer song?

3. As guests enter during the wedding scene, what do they do?

4. How does Act 1, Scene 5 end?

5. Which of the following is NOT one of Tevye's daughters?

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