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Joseph Stein
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Tevye tells Lazar that he always wanted a son but _______________.
(a) They're more like brothers.
(b) One a little younger than himself.
(c) Never even considered the butcher.
(d) Never expected such a rich one.

2. What kind of shop does Motel own?
(a) Tailor shop.
(b) Barber shop.
(c) Fruit stand.
(d) Flower stand.

3. Who is listening in as Perchik teaches Shprintze and Bielke?
(a) Motel.
(b) Chava.
(c) Hodel.
(d) Tzeitzel.

4. Why does the constable give Tevye confidential information?
(a) He can't keep a secret.
(b) He owes Tevye a favor.
(c) He's related to Tevye.
(d) He considers Tevye a friend.

5. After taking the cheese Tevye offers, what does Perchik say about the rich?
(a) He admires them.
(b) They eat too much.
(c) They are criminals.
(d) He wants to be like them.

6. In the first act, what blessing does the rabbi give the Tsar?
(a) Abundant tasks to keep him occupied.
(b) Bless him and keep him out of trouble.
(c) Bless him and keep him away from their village.
(d) Abundant patience and tolerance.

7. When Lazar finally realizes that Tevye thinks he's talking about buying his cow, how does he react?
(a) Tells Tevye he can't possibly compare Tzeitel to a cow.
(b) Scolds Tevye for thinking such a thing.
(c) Faints with shock and is resuscitated by the bartender.
(d) Laughs and explains he's talking about marrying Tzeitel.

8. According to the "Tradition" song, what are the "Mamas" expected to do?
(a) Teach sons to pray.
(b) Teach daughters to read.
(c) Raise the family and run the home.
(d) Feed the husband and wash clothes.

9. When Grandmother Tzeitel praises Motel as the chosen husband for young Tzeitel, what does Golde say?
(a) She must have heard the news wrong.
(b) Motel is a poor choice.
(c) Lazar is a much better choice.
(d) Motel is just a friend.

10. How does Tzeitel react when she learns she is to wed Lazar Wolf?
(a) She shouts in anger and frustration.
(b) She cries and says she can't marry him.
(c) She runs away in tears.
(d) She screams and faints.

11. At Motel and Tzeitel's wedding, who wonders if they'll be married one day?
(a) Tevye's youngest daughters.
(b) Chava and Fyedka.
(c) Perchik and Hodel.
(d) The village's bachelors.

12. When addressing the audience at the start of the story, Tevye explains that in his community balance is kept through what?
(a) Tradition.
(b) Hard work.
(c) Law and order.
(d) Poverty.

13. Perchik tells Hodel that traditions are changing in other places, with boys and girls holding hands and even doing what together?
(a) Studying.
(b) Working.
(c) Worshipping.
(d) Dancing.

14. The wedding of Tzeitel and Motel concludes with ________________.
(a) Tzeitel singing the bride song.
(b) Motel stepping on the wineglass to break it.
(c) Motel throwing his hat into the air.
(d) Tzeitel removing her veil.

15. Who appears to Tevye in his dream after Grandmother Tzeitel is done talking to him?
(a) Lazar Wolf.
(b) Fruma Sarah.
(c) Uncle Mordechai.
(d) Young Tzeitel.

Short Answer Questions

1. When a beggar gets only one coin this week, he complains that he got two coins the previous week. The donor explains he had a bad week, to which the beggar replies:

2. When Tevye tells Golde that Grandmother Tzeitel appeared in his dream, what does Golde ask?

3. Why are traditions important to Tevye?

4. Motel is afraid to talk to Tevye about wanting to marry Tzeitel, claiming that he's only what?

5. Who steps into Motel's shop when he steps out for a few moments?

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