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Joseph Stein
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Yussel steps into Motel's shop to congratulate him for the upcoming wedding, what does Motel ask him?
(a) For advice.
(b) To please leave.
(c) To lend him money.
(d) For a wedding hat.

2. From the letter Yente picks up and delivers to Tzeitel, everyone learns that Perchik ________________.
(a) Is working as a spy.
(b) Has become a professor.
(c) Has been arrested.
(d) Will be gone for years.

3. When Perchik makes fun of traditions that never change, what does Hodel do?
(a) Slaps him.
(b) Agrees with him.
(c) Defends traditions.
(d) Laughs loudly.

4. Motel is afraid to talk to Tevye about wanting to marry Tzeitel, claiming that he's only what?
(a) A humble farmer.
(b) A poor tailor.
(c) A plain young man.
(d) An aspiring writer.

5. After the Sabbath, where does Tevye go to meet Lazar in order to talk to him?
(a) The inn.
(b) The general store.
(c) An expensive restaurant.
(d) The market.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Hodel comments on Perchik's lesson about Laban and Jacob, what does she say?

2. When Chava tries to talk to Tevye about the feelings she and Fyedka have for each other, Tevye says it would make him happy if _______________.

3. Tevye tells Golde that in his dream, Grandmother Tzeitel looks pretty good considering that she's _____________.

4. In the wedding scene, Tzeitel enters in her bridal clothes, followed by _________________.

5. After Perchik explains where he came from, what does Mordcha sarcastically ask?

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