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Joseph Stein
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As villagers sing "Sunrise, Sunset," Tevye asks, "Is this the little girl I carried? Is this the ... :"
(a) Little boy at play.
(b) Child who once tarried.
(c) Neighbor kid she knew.
(d) Same child I knew.

2. At the wedding of Tzeitel and Motel, where do the men and women go?
(a) Everyone mingles.
(b) Men on one side, women on the other side.
(c) Women with the children, men with the elders.
(d) Women in the front, men in the back.

3. Hearing the news of the upcoming marriage, Russians who were sitting and drinking nearby bestow the following words upon Lazar and Tevye:
(a) Heaven bless you both.
(b) Enjoy everything.
(c) Live long and prosper.
(d) Be well and merry.

4. Before Tevye arrives to talk with Lazar, the butcher orders what?
(a) Two cups of coffee.
(b) Two mugs of hot soup.
(c) Two glasses and a bottle of brandy.
(d) A cup of coffee and a cup of tea.

5. At their wedding, what is placed over Motel and Tzeitel?
(a) Pine branches.
(b) Flag.
(c) Canopy.
(d) Arch.

Short Answer Questions

1. The wedding of Tzeitel and Motel concludes with ________________.

2. Hodel tells Tevye that Perchik is in trouble but through no fault of his own. When Tevye expresses doubt, Hodel reminds him about the stories of _____________.

3. Who is sitting outside the railroad station, talking together?

4. In the wedding scene, Tzeitel enters in her bridal clothes, followed by _________________.

5. At the wedding, after the rabbi prays over a glass goblet of wine, what do Tzeitel and Motel do?

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