Fiddler on the Roof Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Joseph Stein
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Act 1, Prologue

• The main character, Tevye, addresses the audience while the fiddler hops around on the roof.

• Tevye speaks of the importance of tradition for the villagers, explaining that it maintains balance within the community.

• He doesn't know how these traditions began, but he follows them because they help everyone know what part to play in life.

• The villagers sing about the specific roles expected of the papas, mamas, sons, and daughters.

• The matchmaker talks about a perfect match between a young woman who doesn't see very well and a young man who isn't much to look at.

• A beggar complains when he gets only one coin since the previous week he had received two.

• The rabbi gives a humorous blessing for the Tsar, asking that God keep him away from their village.

• Both Jews and Russians live in the village and each side tries to not bother...

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