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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Nils Runeberg die?
(a) In an automobile wreck.
(b) From an aneurysm.
(c) From a heart attack.
(d) He is executed.

2. Why does the narrator have to leave his cousin's house?
(a) He must return to work.
(b) He has been called to active duty.
(c) His sister is getting married.
(d) His father is dying.

3. Why is Jaromir Hladik scheduled to be executed?
(a) He is a spy.
(b) Because of his writing.
(c) He murdered a soldier.
(d) Because he is Jewish.

4. What does the narrator ask the Englishman after dinner?
(a) How he received his scar.
(b) Why the room is so dark.
(c) Where he can find a telephone.
(d) When he fought in the war.

5. What type of play is Jaromir Hladik writing?
(a) A comedy.
(b) A tragedy.
(c) A drama.
(d) A farce.

6. What do the members of the Sect of the Phoenix call themselves?
(a) The Company.
(b) Men of the secret.
(c) Men of the fire.
(d) Phoenicians.

7. Why does Erik Lonnrot believe the second man in "Death and the Compass" was murdered?
(a) As part of a crime of passion.
(b) As part of a hate crime.
(c) As part of a botched robbery.
(d) He offended a group of religious people.

8. Who is John Vincent Moon?
(a) The Englishman.
(b) The Irishman.
(c) The narrator.
(d) Ireneo Funes.

9. What is the Sect of the Phoenix?
(a) A secret organization.
(b) A Chamber of Commerce.
(c) A school.
(d) A temple.

10. Why does the narrator seek shelter at the Englishman's ranch?
(a) He is caught in a terrible storm.
(b) He is running from the police.
(c) He is hiding from soldiers.
(d) He car had a flat tire.

11. From what illness does Nils Runeberg suffer?
(a) Lupus.
(b) Diabetes.
(c) Epilepsy.
(d) Insomnia.

12. Who is Ryan?
(a) The great grandson of Fergus Kilpatrick.
(b) The Taoiseach of Ireland.
(c) An Irish rebel.
(d) A friend of of Fergus Kilpatrick.

13. Who is Nils Runeberg?
(a) A scholar and theologian.
(b) A watch maker.
(c) A baker and theologian.
(d) A fictitious writer of biblical theories.

14. In "Death and the Compass," what do the police receive in the mail after the third murder?
(a) A lock of hair.
(b) A map.
(c) A knife.
(d) A confession.

15. What do the members of the Sect of the Phoenix have in common?
(a) They are part of a coup.
(b) They have a secret.
(c) They all have a terminal illness.
(d) They are all brothers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to the Irishman at the end of "The Form of the Sword"?

2. What does Jaromir Hladik ask God for in a prayer?

3. Who is allowed to be a part of the Sect of the Phoenix?

4. In "Death and the Compass," why do the police believe the rabbi was murdered?

5. In the story, "The End," why is the man in the back of the store lying down?

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