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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part One, The Garden of Forking Paths, An Examination of the Work of Herbert Quain.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the student searching for in "The Approach to Al-Mu'tasim"?
(a) The Moslem family.
(b) A saint who walks the Earth.
(c) The blind astrologer.
(d) The Hindu family.

2. What fear does the protagonist of "The Circular Ruins" have for his son?
(a) He will disappear.
(b) The gods will steal him.
(c) He will die in a fire.
(d) He will discover he is the product of a dream.

3. What are Uqbar and Tlon?
(a) Men.
(b) Foods.
(c) Books.
(d) Inventions.

4. To whom does the protagonist in "The Circular Ruins" pray?
(a) The planetary gods.
(b) The moon and stars.
(c) No one.
(d) The sun.

5. How does Pierre Menard describe "Don Quixote"?
(a) Trite and meaningless.
(b) An essential work of literature.
(c) As an important work of literature.
(d) The work of an amateur.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why are some lottery players imprisoned?

2. What is unique about the objects from Tlon that are released into the narrator's world?

3. According to the narrator, what is the most important theme of "The Approach of Al-Mu'tasim"?

4. What happens when the protagonist of "The Circular Ruins" steps into the burning ruins?

5. What is The Secret Mirror?

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