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Introduction, Sunday, 14th July 1991; Home Debut, Arsenal v. Stoke City, 14.9.68; and A Spare Jimmy Husband, Arsenal v. West Ham, 26.10.68

• It is a Sunday morning in 1991 and Nick is drinking tea in bed with his girlfriend. Even though it is the football season is over, Nick daydreams about his beloved Arsenal.

• The story goes back to Nick's childhood. His parents have just divorced and as way of getting closer to his son, Nick's father takes him to an Arsenal gmae at Highbury, their homeground. Nick is instantly hooked.
• After a few times of watching Arsenal play, Nick starts to collect soccer star albums, trading stickers with his friends at school. His newfound love for football helps him to fit in.

Don Rogers, Swindon Town v. Arsenal (at Wembley), 15.3.69; England! England v. Scotland, May 1969; and Camping, Arsenal v. Everton, 7.8.69

• Nick's father takes him to more games and Nick finds himself...

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