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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Polly?
(a) Matilda's best friend.
(b) A slave.
(c) The serving girl.
(d) Matilda's sister.

2. When Mattie's mother inquires about Colette's health what response does she get?
(a) Colette's health is worsening.
(b) Colette's health has not changed.
(c) She does not get a response.
(d) Colette's health is improving.

3. What do the men in the coffeehouse say that they need to find for Mattie?
(a) A husband.
(b) Some more friends.
(c) Some new clothes.
(d) A new job.

4. Where is Mattie moved on the tenth day?
(a) To a wagon.
(b) To the barn.
(c) To a field.
(d) Nowhere.

5. What is the one thing that Mattie vows never to do?
(a) Become a cook.
(b) Become a scullery maid.
(c) Become a nurse.
(d) Become a teacher.

Short Answer Questions

1. What language are the Ogilvie children studying?

2. How does Mattie feel about the invitation?

3. Who does Mattie run into while she is out of the house?

4. Who does Grandfather compare Mattie to?

5. What does Mattie find for them to eat?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe what the city looks like as Mattie and Grandfather ride the wagon through it.

2. What is the soldier's trick for finding water that Mattie uses?

3. Who is Mr. Stephen Girard?

4. Why does Mattie's mother want her to leave the room?

5. Describe Mattie's morning in Chapter 1.

6. What is Grandfather's response to the clerk when he suggests sending Mattie to the orphan hose?

7. What do Mattie and her mother argue about at the end of Chapter 3?

8. Where does the doctor suggest that the women and children should go?

9. How does the author use foreshadowing to tell the reader that Colette may be ill?

10. Has Mattie's mother always been "a tired and bitter captain"?

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