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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Mattie feel about the invitation?
(a) She is afraid of catching the fever.
(b) She does not want to go.
(c) She does not want to go.
(d) She is excited.

2. Why has business increased at the coffeehouse over the past week?
(a) People are celebrating.
(b) People are stocking up in case they have to stay home for several days.
(c) People are doing more of their business inland, away from the river, due to fear of disease.
(d) People want to eat out instead of eating at home for safety.

3. Why does Mattie think that the bugs are bothering them at the beginning of Chapter 11?
(a) Because the baby needs a clean diaper.
(b) Because of the food Eliza packed.
(c) Because of the fever.
(d) Because of the horse.

4. What is the one thing that Mattie vows never to do?
(a) Become a cook.
(b) Become a scullery maid.
(c) Become a teacher.
(d) Become a nurse.

5. What does Grandfather suggest that Nathaniel Benson did at the market?
(a) Stole some eggs.
(b) Bought some meat below fourth street.
(c) Knocked over a stand spilling produce.
(d) Acted inappropriately.

6. When are patients discharged?
(a) When they are unable to pay.
(b) When they are strong enough to walk on their own.
(c) When they have not had a fever for 24 hours.
(d) When they are not coughing any longer.

7. What does Mattie go to find once Grandfather has fallen asleep?
(a) A map.
(b) Water and food.
(c) A ride.
(d) A doctor.

8. Why Eliza so important to the Coffeehouse?
(a) Matilda's mother cannot cook and Eliza is an excellent cook.
(b) She brews the best coffee.
(c) She takes care of all of the paper work.
(d) She handles all of the advertising.

9. Who is King George?
(a) A parrot.
(b) A cat.
(c) The king of England.
(d) A dog.

10. Why does Mattie's mother make such a fuss over the invitation?
(a) Because Edward Ogilvie is a potential husband for Mattie.
(b) Because she wants to be friends with Mrs. Ogilvie.
(c) Because she does not want to go.
(d) Because she is afraid of catching the fever.

11. What happened to Matilda's father?
(a) He lives in Europe.
(b) He was killed in the war.
(c) He fell from a ladder and died.
(d) He and Matilda's mother are divorced.

12. At the beginning of Chapter 7 Mattie's mother pays her a compliment. What does she tell her?
(a) That she is a wonderful daughter.
(b) That she is smart.
(c) That she is funny.
(d) That she is pretty.

13. When Mattie's mother begins to worry about Mattie falling ill she suggests sending her where?
(a) To a friend's farm.
(b) To Europe.
(c) Nowhere.
(d) To the mountains.

14. When Mattie leaves her bed for the first time alone where does she go?
(a) To find Nathaniel.
(b) To get something to eat.
(c) To the bathroom.
(d) To find her Grandfather.

15. What does Mrs. Bowles suggest to Mattie?
(a) That she reopens the coffee house.
(b) That she goes back to Bush Hill.
(c) That she works at the orphan house.
(d) That she goes back to school.

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of lessons does Grandfather give Mattie?

2. After reading Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 how would you characterize Matilda's relationship with her mother?

3. Where is Mattie moved on the tenth day?

4. Why does Mattie have to rewash the tablecloths?

5. How did Polly die?

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