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The Cook Coffeehouse

This setting sits on the corner of Seventh and High Streets in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and was built by Mr. Cook in 1783. It has a first floor with a large four-windowed serving area and a kitchen in back, and has a second story that is composed of two bedrooms.


This is Mattie's pet cat. He is a rambunctious, orange-furred cat who hunts mice and lives in and around the Cook Coffeehouse.

Family Small-Plot Gardens

As the epidemic spread, farmers refused to enter the city and thus within just a few days food became incredibly rare. Mattie, fortunately, had one of these which previously had supplemented the coffeehouse's market purchases.

King George

This is the Cook's pet parrot. It has learned to mimic words and speaks often, usually repeating words or phrases recently spoken in conversation.

Grandfather Cook's Sword

After the war, this object was retained...

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