Fever 1793 Character Descriptions

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Matilda (Mattie) Cook

This character was born in 1779 and is 14-years-old at the time of the events described in the novel. The character is the narrator and the principle protagonist. During the novel, the character experiences numerous hardships and is faced with several choices. In every instance, the character rises to the occasion and takes a proper, if difficult, course of action.

Mrs. Lucille (Mother) Cook

This character married Mattie's father when only 17-years-old, probably sometime during the Revolutionary War. This character had a child in 1779 and became widowed in 1783 when his/her spouse died in an accident. For the next ten years, the character successfully operated a coffeehouse.

Polly Logan

This character is a long-time friend of Mattie Cook - the two grew up together. This character works for Mrs. Cook at the coffeehouse and admires Matthew, the blacksmith. In the opening chapters of the novel, Mattie...

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