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• Mattie and her mother live above and operate the Cook Coffeehouse.

• Mattie is awakened by her mother's repeated shouts to wake up.

• It is a hot and unpleasant August day and Polly, the serving girl, is late for work.

• Mattie is informed that she will have preform both her own and Polly's chores if Polly does not arrive.

• Mattie believes that Polly is at blacksmith shop watching Matthew, a boy she is infatuated with, work.

• It is explained that the coffeehouse was built by Mattie's father a carpenter that died after a fall from a ladder.

• After the death of her father her paternal grandfather came to the coffeehouse to live and work.

• Eliza, the free African-American cook is introduced.

• Mattie's mother cannot cook therefor Eliza is vital to the coffeehouse.

• Mattie's mother goes to look for Polly.

• While Mattie is watering the garden, Polly's job...

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