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Short Answer Questions

1. What insect does Kneadus eat as counter-attack to the first face in the dual?

2. Which of the following sciences does Professor Filidor study?

3. What fruit is the narrator interested in knowing the reader's opinion of?

4. Which of the following words does Pimko use to express "bottom"?

5. What physical change does Joey feel in his body as he is speaking with Dr. Pimko?

Short Essay Questions

1. What division takes place on the schoolyard after Pimko's notes have been read?

2. What type of writers does Joey find most annoying in the literary world?

3. At the opening of the novel, how does Joey feel when he first wakes from sleep?

4. How does the narrator claim a novel is truly read?

5. What is Joey's first impression of Zuta when he sees her?

6. What relationship does Pimko hope will transpire between Joey and Zuta?

7. How does the dual between Filidor and Momsen end?

8. What is Mrs. Youngblood's reaction to Joey's age?

9. Why does Kneadus burst into the Youngblood family home soon after Joey moves in with the family?

10. Who is Kopydra?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Zuta is described as being a "modern" schoolgirl. First, describe the character of Zuta. What makes her different from the other schoolgirls in her grade? Then, explain what it means to be "modern" in Zuta's society. Is modernity something one is born with or can it be learned? Choose at least two examples of scenes from the text that you believe best exemplify and strengthen your argument and describe those scenes in this essay.

Essay Topic 2

The narrator of this novel has very strong opinions of what art is in society and how to accomplish it. First, describe the difference between what the narrator calls "art" with a lowercase a and "Art" with an uppercase A. Then, describe the narrator's opinions of the art community as a whole. Do you agree with the narrator's opinions of art? Finally, describe how the narrator's opinions of art reflect his feeling about this novel. Be sure to choose at least two scenes from the novel that you think best exemplify and strengthen your argument and describe them in this essay.

Essay Topic 3

When Joey is alone with Zuta he has a difficult time communicating with her. Choose at least two scenes in which Joey finds himself unable to physically communicate with Zuta. How does Joey unleash the frustration he feels at his ineptitude? Then, explain how each of these scenes highlights the different levels of maturity and character growth in Joey and Zuta.

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