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Short Answer Questions

1. What unit of currency is used in the town in which Momsen and Filibur live?

2. In which city do professors Momsen and Filidor meet for their battle?

3. How does Syphon rally his men when they seem to dwindle in the schoolyard fight?

4. After experiencing the dream in which the apparition waves to him, what does Joey feel most inspired to do when he wakes up?

5. What sound signifies the end of class at Joey's school?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Joey react when Zuta calls him a clown?

2. What type of literary critic does the narrator despise?

3. How does Zuta react when Joey enters her room unannounced?

4. What relationship does Pimko hope will transpire between Joey and Zuta?

5. What bizarre dream does Joey have the night before the novel opens?

6. What type of writers does Joey find most annoying in the literary world?

7. What complaint does the teacher have when Pimko drops Joey off for his first day of school?

8. How do the students in Joey's class respond when they are asked to translate Latin?

9. Who are the Youngbloods?

10. Who is Kopydra?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The story "The Child Runs Deep in Filibert" is really a comedy of errors. First, describe the inciting incident that set all the action of this story into motion. What events happened as a direct reaction to the inciting incident in this story? Then, explain why you believe the narrator chose to interject this story into Joey and Kneadus' journey. How does the story "The Child Runs Deep in Filibert" directly reflect the main story in the novel of Joey and Kneadus? Be sure to choose at least two scenes from the novel that you think best exemplify and strengthen your argument and describe them in this essay.

Essay Topic 2

When Joey is alone with Zuta he has a difficult time communicating with her. Choose at least two scenes in which Joey finds himself unable to physically communicate with Zuta. How does Joey unleash the frustration he feels at his ineptitude? Then, explain how each of these scenes highlights the different levels of maturity and character growth in Joey and Zuta.

Essay Topic 3

Zuta is described as being a "modern" schoolgirl. First, describe the character of Zuta. What makes her different from the other schoolgirls in her grade? Then, explain what it means to be "modern" in Zuta's society. Is modernity something one is born with or can it be learned? Choose at least two examples of scenes from the text that you believe best exemplify and strengthen your argument and describe those scenes in this essay.

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