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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who do the children on the playground think Pimko is when they see him writing notes in hiding?
(a) The school nurse.
(b) An escaped criminal.
(c) The school inspector.
(d) A police officer.

2. Who declares the winner of the dual?
(a) Pimko.
(b) Kneadus.
(c) Syphus.
(d) Joey.

3. What is the schoolgirl doing when Joey barges into her bedroom after the phone call?
(a) She is knitting a pair of socks.
(b) She is sewing a button on a jacket.
(c) She is ironing her pants.
(d) She is polishing her shoes.

4. How does Syphon rally his men when they seem to dwindle in the schoolyard fight?
(a) He screams curses at them.
(b) He threatens them.
(c) He sings to them.
(d) He ignores them.

5. What time does the school girl agree to meet her friends for a movie?
(a) 9:00.
(b) 7:00.
(c) 10:00.
(d) 8:00.

6. What is the name of the "cool student" who refuses to take sides in the schoolyard brawl between Kneadus and Syphon?
(a) Hopek.
(b) Kopyrda.
(c) Mizdral.
(d) Slowaki.

7. What does the schoolgirl do to pass her time while she is waiting for her parents to get home after Joey arrives?
(a) She braids her hair.
(b) She brushes her teeth.
(c) She picks at her skin.
(d) She paints her toenails.

8. According to the narrator, what are all underdeveloped artists bound to create?
(a) Mediocre art.
(b) Brilliant art.
(c) They will not be creating art at all.
(d) Terrible art.

9. Which of the following adjectives does Pimko use to describe the children on the playground in his notes?
(a) Excitable.
(b) Overweight.
(c) Innocent.
(d) Arrogant.

10. Which of the schoolgirl's body parts are most intriguing to Joey when he first meets her?
(a) Her hands.
(b) Her legs.
(c) Her eyes.
(d) Her heart.

11. Who is the one person Kopydra yearns for more than any other?
(a) A milkmaid.
(b) A teacher.
(c) A farmhand.
(d) A butcher.

12. Which of the following groups of people does not have major control over Joey's opinion of himself?
(a) Gentry,
(b) School girls.
(c) Office clerks.
(d) His parents.

13. What does the narrator think will happen to a novel in which the first word is heroic?
(a) The author will feel trapped by that word.
(b) The author will be confused with his intentions.
(c) The novel will ultimately fail.
(d) The novel will end on a note of desperation.

14. Which of the following familial groups has the largest influence on the way Joey lives his life?
(a) His grandparents.
(b) His step-parents.
(c) His aunts.
(d) His siblings.

15. What is the name of the modern schoolgirl?
(a) Yuta.
(b) Nuta.
(c) Zuta.
(d) Ruta.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Momsen and Filibur walk away from each other after the dual, what do they throw at each other?

2. How old is Joey at the opening of the novel?

3. What hurtful name does the schoolgirl call Joey when he is sitting in her bedroom?

4. Which of the following topics of conversation is not one Pimko quizzes Joey on in his bedroom?

5. How long does it take the teacher to convince the contrary student that Slowacki's poetry is, indeed, his favorite?

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