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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Cory comes home and finds Lyons visiting, what advice does Lyons give Cory?
(a) To stop working and have some fun.
(b) To stay away from Troy.
(c) To go on with his education.
(d) To get Troy to help him find a job.

2. Where does Rose go in Act 2, Scene 4?
(a) To the grocery store.
(b) To take food to a sick friend.
(c) To the car repair shop.
(d) To the church bake sale.

3. Left alone, what song does Troy sing?
(a) A song about traveling the roads.
(b) A song about a dog.
(c) A song about loss.
(d) A song about love.

4. What happens to Alberta?
(a) She is put into a mental institution.
(b) No one knows.
(c) She runs away, leaving the baby in the hospital.
(d) She dies giving birth.

5. What does Troy say to his daughter?
(a) That people can be cruel.
(b) That he won't let anything bad happen to her.
(c) That he cares about her.
(d) That he's done his best.

6. Troy says that he made a hit when he met Rose, got to first base with Cory, and that Alberta makes him feel so good he could __________ (fill in the blank).
(a) Steal second.
(b) Hit a ball out of the park.
(c) Play in the World Series.
(d) Hit a home run.

7. When Cory notices the fence had been built, what does Rose say?
(a) That Troy finished it to keep Raynell in when she was young.
(b) That she paid to have it done because she couldn't stand seeing it half-finished.
(c) That she finished it herself with a little help from Gabriel.
(d) That Bono finished it because he knew it was important to her.

8. Troy tells Rose he needs to do what in order to help Gabriel?
(a) Keep him from gambling.
(b) Fix things with his boss.
(c) Keep him away from liquor.
(d) Come up with $50 bail.

9. While Rose is grappling with the news of Troy's affair, what does Gabriel give Rose?
(a) Some candy.
(b) A book.
(c) A flower.
(d) Some money.

10. After he realizes he has a baby for whom he is responsible, what does Troy tell Rose he needs time for?
(a) To find Bono and ask his advice.
(b) To figure things out.
(c) To make some more money.
(d) To decide which woman is more important to him.

11. After several months have passed since Troy revealed his affair to Rose, how often has Troy been at home?
(a) Every night but only long enough to change his clothes.
(b) Just twice.
(c) About once a week to give Rose grocery money.
(d) Once a month to check on Cory.

12. What does Rose ask Troy not to do when Troy comments that Alberta was not alone in the world?
(a) Rose asks Troy not to push her away.
(b) Rose asks Troy to ask for forgiveness.
(c) Rose asks Troy to judge everyone fairly.
(d) Rose asks Troy to forget about Alberta.

13. As Lyons arrives calling for her, Rose comes out to tell him what?
(a) That Troy has been taking good care of Raynell.
(b) That he should come over more often.
(c) To be quiet so he won't wake Raynell.
(d) That he should come into the house when he wants her.

14. Where do Troy and Bono come home from at the beginning of Act 2?
(a) The bar.
(b) The police station.
(c) Their job.
(d) The game.

15. What does Cory want to know about the fence?
(a) How long it will take to get the fence finished.
(b) Why Rose wants a fence in the first place.
(c) How much money they'll be wasting on the fence.
(d) Why he has to help with the fence.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Cory wearing when he arrives home and meets Raynell for the first time since she was a baby?

2. After Rose goes inside the house after learning about the baby, to whom does Troy address his monologue?

3. While Cory is inside looking for another saw, what does Bono tell Troy to be careful about?

4. What does Lyons tell Cory that Troy always said about trouble?

5. At the end of the play, why does Lyons go into the house?

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