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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Troy say about Alberta?
(a) Troy says that Alberta is sexy, but he hasn't been with her.
(b) Troy says that the boss has been having an affair with Alberta.
(c) Troy says that he thinks Alberta deserves to be promoted.
(d) Troy says that he finds Alberta unattractive.

2. Why does Troy say that he's not impressed that Cory's being scouted by a football recruiter?
(a) Because there's no money to be made by black men playing sports.
(b) Because Cory isn't making the kind of money he should to help his parents out.
(c) Because Cory isn't really talented.
(d) Because Cory will never amount to anything.

3. When Bono tells Troy he'll be back on Monday, what does Troy say?
(a) That Rose will make them both breakfast on Monday morning.
(b) Not to bother coming because he'll still be making love with Rose.
(c) That he plans to confront the boss again on Monday.
(d) That Bono should come back on Saturday for dinner.

4. What does Rose comment when Troy says that Gabriel can come and go at the boarding house just as he could at home?
(a) Rose says that Gabriel doesn't understand that.
(b) Rose says that she agrees with Troy.
(c) Rose says that the boarding house is too expensive.
(d) Rose says that it's not the same thing.

5. When Cory returns home, Rose tells him that Troy is angry for what reason?
(a) Because Troy has to repair the car again.
(b) Because Rose asked for money.
(c) Because Cory went off without doing his chores.
(d) Because Lyons came by and upset him.

6. What happened to Troy's mother?
(a) She died when Troy was a baby.
(b) She ran off when Troy was eight.
(c) She went to live with Troy's sister.
(d) She shot Troy's father and was sent to prison.

7. When Troy complains about Cory, what does Rose ask Troy?
(a) Rose asks Troy if he'll mow the lawn instead of Cory.
(b) Rose asks Troy why he's so cranky about everything.
(c) Rose asks Troy why he doesn't speak to Cory about the boy's behavior.
(d) Rose asks Troy if he wants a beer.

8. In Act 1, Scene 4, what are Troy and Bono celebrating when they come home?
(a) Troy and Bono both have been given raises.
(b) Bono is going to become a father.
(c) Troy has been promoted to driver.
(d) Troy has won some money in the lottery.

9. What does Cory go inside to do after Rose tells him that Troy is angry?
(a) To find Troy.
(b) To see if Gabriel has come back.
(c) To look for money to give Rose.
(d) To fix a sandwich.

10. Who is Blue?
(a) A dog.
(b) Troy's co-worker.
(c) The boss.
(d) A girl Bono knows.

11. What does Troy say would have happened if he hadn't taken charge of Gabriel's money?
(a) He and Rose would have no home.
(b) Gabriel would have gambled the money away.
(c) Cory would not be going to college.
(d) Gabriel would not have had surgery.

12. What does Troy do after he talks about still having strength left to have sex with Rose?
(a) Sits down on the porch swing.
(b) Goes into the house.
(c) Leaves for the corner bar.
(d) Puts his arms around Rose.

13. According to Rose, where has Cory gone?
(a) To the store.
(b) To football practice.
(c) To a friend's house.
(d) To help his grandfather.

14. What is Lyons actually doing when he puts his hand in his pocket?
(a) Lyons is going to jingle his change to show he's got money in his pocket.
(b) Lyons plans to pay back the $10 he borrowed from Troy earlier.
(c) Lyons is going to pay Bono back.
(d) Lyons is going to show he has no money and to ask for more.

15. What prompts Troy to tell a long story about how he saw Death in person?
(a) Rose tells Troy he's going to drink himself to death.
(b) Troy tells Rose that before long she might be on her own.
(c) Rose tells Troy that he needs to buy some life insurance.
(d) Troy is responding to Bono's request to hear one of Troy's stories.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Cory respond to his mother as he leaves the house, hurrying because he is late for a game?

2. In response to what Rose tells him to do, what does Troy say he will do when the recruiter comes to the house?

3. After telling Rose to go into the house to get Cory to help him, what does Troy do?

4. Once Cory goes inside after he is finished helping Troy for the day, what does Rose ask Troy?

5. In what way does Troy say he doesn't want his son to end up like him?

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