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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what crime did Troy serve time in prison?
(a) He committed armed robbery.
(b) He was caught selling drugs.
(c) He accidentally killed a man.
(d) He beat up a police officer.

2. Which of the following characters is not related to Troy?
(a) Rose.
(b) Lyons.
(c) Gabriel.
(d) Bono.

3. What was the money Gabriel received as a compensation for his injury used for?
(a) It paid for Gabriel's surgery.
(b) It was gambled away.
(c) It was used to pay off Gabriel's debts.
(d) It paid for Rose and Troy's house.

4. What is Lyons actually doing when he puts his hand in his pocket?
(a) Lyons is going to pay Bono back.
(b) Lyons is going to jingle his change to show he's got money in his pocket.
(c) Lyons is going to show he has no money and to ask for more.
(d) Lyons plans to pay back the $10 he borrowed from Troy earlier.

5. What sport does Bono say Troy excelled at?
(a) Baseball.
(b) Football.
(c) Basketball.
(d) Golf.

6. Whose names does Gabriel say are in Saint Peter's book?
(a) Troy and Cory's.
(b) Gabriel and Rose's.
(c) Troy and Rose's.
(d) Rose and Cory's.

7. What does Bono say about Alberta?
(a) Bono says that he went to grade school with Alberta.
(b) Bono says that he wants to ask Alberta out.
(c) Bono says that Alberta is going to be promoted.
(d) Bono says that Troy has been spending a lot of time with her.

8. Once Cory goes inside after he is finished helping Troy for the day, what does Rose ask Troy?
(a) Why he won't let Cory play football.
(b) Why he thinks Cory isn't talented at football.
(c) Why he thinks football isn't as good a sport as baseball.
(d) Why he never takes Cory out anywhere.

9. When Cory answers Troy's question about whether he's just come home with "yeah," what does Troy remind him?
(a) Troy reminds Cory he should have been home a long time ago.
(b) Troy reminds Cory that he should speak in complete sentences.
(c) Troy reminds Cory to call him "sir."
(d) Troy reminds Cory that he said he wouldn't go to practice on Saturday.

10. What does Troy say would have happened if he hadn't taken charge of Gabriel's money?
(a) Cory would not be going to college.
(b) Gabriel would not have had surgery.
(c) Gabriel would have gambled the money away.
(d) He and Rose would have no home.

11. What does Bono say about his first home in response to Rose and Tony talking about their home?
(a) He says it was lousy and he doesn't know why he stayed there as long as he did.
(b) He says that he plans to buy back his first home some day.
(c) He says he let his wife talk him into staying there.
(d) He says it was the only house he ever loved.

12. What prompts Troy to tell a long story about how he saw Death in person?
(a) Troy tells Rose that before long she might be on her own.
(b) Rose tells Troy he's going to drink himself to death.
(c) Rose tells Troy that he needs to buy some life insurance.
(d) Troy is responding to Bono's request to hear one of Troy's stories.

13. Why does Troy say that he doesn't need a driver's license?
(a) Because he doesn't need any identification.
(b) Because he wouldn't have any use for one.
(c) Because driving is easy.
(d) Because no one he knows has one.

14. What does Troy remember about his own father?
(a) That he was deaf.
(b) That he was tough but understanding.
(c) That he was selfish and angry at the world.
(d) That he didn't like Troy.

15. Which two characters have told stories which are not entirely based on reality?
(a) Gabriel and Lyons.
(b) Troy and Lyons.
(c) Troy and Gabriel.
(d) Bono and Troy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the money come from that Rose gives Lyons?

2. What argument do Rose, Troy, and Bono have about grocery stores?

3. What is Troy's response to Rose's argument that times have changed?

4. What happened to Troy's mother?

5. When Lyons shows up, what does Troy correctly think he wants?

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