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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Troy assume Lyons is doing when he puts his hand in his pocket?
(a) Troy assumes Lyons it going to show he has no money to buy them drinks.
(b) Troy assumes Lyons is going to pay Bono back.
(c) Troy assumes Lyons is going to pay Troy back.
(d) Troy assumes Lyons is going to ask for money.

2. What does Cory go inside to do after Rose tells him that Troy is angry?
(a) To find Troy.
(b) To fix a sandwich.
(c) To look for money to give Rose.
(d) To see if Gabriel has come back.

3. What does Troy say would have happened if he hadn't taken charge of Gabriel's money?
(a) Gabriel would not have had surgery.
(b) He and Rose would have no home.
(c) Cory would not be going to college.
(d) Gabriel would have gambled the money away.

4. What chore is Rose doing when Troy comes out of the house?
(a) She is cutting the grass.
(b) She is hanging out clothes to dry.
(c) She is putting the trash out for collection.
(d) She is weeding the garden.

5. What does Rose tell Troy he should do when the football recruiter comes to the house?
(a) He should ask the recruiter how much money is involved.
(b) He should wait to hear Bono's opinion.
(c) He should not sign the papers.
(d) He should sign the papers.

6. What does Rose say in response to Troy's comment that she's supposed to come when she's called?
(a) She says she didn't hear Troy call her.
(b) She says she isn't Troy's slave.
(c) She says she doesn't like Troy to talk to her like that in front of Bono.
(d) She says she's not a dog.

7. When Troy says that blacks or Hispanics aren't being allowed to play baseball to their potential, how does Cory respond?
(a) Cory says the Hispanics are better players than the blacks.
(b) Cory says the blacks are better players than the Hispanics.
(c) Cory agrees with his father.
(d) Cory gives examples of black players who are doing well.

8. What does Troy remember about his own father?
(a) That he was deaf.
(b) That he was tough but understanding.
(c) That he didn't like Troy.
(d) That he was selfish and angry at the world.

9. Who lives with Rose and Troy?
(a) Gabriel.
(b) Lyons.
(c) Bono.
(d) Cory.

10. What does Troy say about the fact that Lyons wants to be a musician?
(a) Troy says that he wants Lyons to quit playing.
(b) Troy says that Lyons has no talent.
(c) Troy says Lyons needs to earn a living so he can keep playing.
(d) Troy says that Lyons needs to make some important contacts.

11. Why does Troy tell Rose to go back inside?
(a) Troy says he and Bono are talking man talk.
(b) Troy says he's tired of his dinner being late.
(c) Troy says she is embarrassing him.
(d) Troy says the phone is ringing and Rose should answer it.

12. On the day the play begins, what did the boss do when he caught Troy and Bono's co-worker doing something wrong?
(a) He hit the co-worker.
(b) He fired the co-worker.
(c) He did nothing.
(d) He penalized the co-worker by reducing his pay.

13. When Lyons shows up, what does Troy correctly think he wants?
(a) That Lyons wants to borrow money.
(b) That Lyons wants Rose to make him breakfast.
(c) That Lyons wants to use Troy's car.
(d) That Lyons wants to move in with Rose and Troy.

14. When Lyons appears, what makes Troy ask him why he's not in jail?
(a) Troy often poses this question to Lyons.
(b) A club where Lyons plays got raided.
(c) Troy is implying that Lyons stole his money,
(d) Bono told Troy that three of Lyons' friends were in jail.

15. What does Cory tell Troy about the football recruiter who has watched Cory play with his high school team?
(a) Cory says that the recruiter has given him some gifts.
(b) Cory says that if he's recruited he'll have a chance to go to college.
(c) Cory says that the recruiter says he's the best player he's seen in years.
(d) Cory says that the recruiter had seen Troy play ball.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bono say about Alberta?

2. When Cory returns home, Rose tells him that Troy is angry for what reason?

3. For what crime did Troy serve time in prison?

4. What prompts Troy to tell a long story about how he saw Death in person?

5. When Troy returns from listening to the ball game and caresses Rose suggestively, what is Rose's response?

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