Fences Short Essay - Answer Key

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Short Essay Questions Key

1. Why does Troy feel he is being treated unfairly at work?

Troy feels he is being treated unfairly at work because his boss will not let him or any other black men drive the trucks.

2. What does Troy say in response to Bono's comment that he's been spending a lot of time with a woman named Alberta?

Troy says that he's always looked at women but hasn't done anything about being with one since he married Rose.

3. How does Rose respond to Bono when he wonders why he stayed at his lousy first home so long?

Rose says that some people don't know that improving their lives is possible.

4. What does Troy say in response to Rose's comment that their son Cory is being scouted by a recruiter?

Troy says that there's no money to be made by black men playing sports since the white men won't let black men get ahead.

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