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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Rose sends Cory out to help Troy, what do Cory and Troy work on silently for some time before talking to each other?
(a) The porch swing.
(b) The screen door.
(c) The garden.
(d) The fence.

2. What happens to Alberta?
(a) She dies giving birth.
(b) No one knows.
(c) She is put into a mental institution.
(d) She runs away, leaving the baby in the hospital.

3. When Troy says that he's been stuck with Rose for eighteen years, how does she respond?
(a) That they have Cory to show for their long relationship.
(b) That it's felt longer than that to her.
(c) That she feels angry with him for using the word "stuck."
(d) That she always put her faith in him and their marriage.

4. When Troy comments that Hank Aaron is doing well, what is Troy's response?
(a) He says that he was a better player than Aaron.
(b) He says that that's only one example.
(c) He says that Aaron is a sellout.
(d) He says that Aaron is going to burn out in no time.

5. What does Troy do after he talks about still having strength left to have sex with Rose?
(a) Goes into the house.
(b) Sits down on the porch swing.
(c) Puts his arms around Rose.
(d) Leaves for the corner bar.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Act 1, Scene 4, what are Troy and Bono celebrating when they come home?

2. How much compensation did Gabriel receive as a result of his injury?

3. Before Rose can react to Troy's confession about an affair, who interrupts their conversation?

4. After he realizes he has a baby for whom he is responsible, what does Troy tell Rose he needs time for?

5. As Cory runs out of the house, late for a game, what does Rose say to him?

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