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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1, Scene 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Rose asks Gabriel if he wants breakfast, what does he say?
(a) He says the angels prepare his breakfast.
(b) He says the ladies of the church see that he's fed.
(c) He says he doesn't eat breakfast.
(d) He says he usually eats breakfast with Saint Peter.

2. What does Rose say about the possibility of improving one's life?
(a) She says that some people don't know that improving their lives is possible.
(b) She says that she hopes to improve her life some day.
(c) She says that she wishes Cory would look at life's possibilities.
(d) She says that Bono should try to improve his life.

3. On the day the play begins, what did the boss do when he caught Troy and Bono's co-worker doing something wrong?
(a) He penalized the co-worker by reducing his pay.
(b) He did nothing.
(c) He fired the co-worker.
(d) He hit the co-worker.

4. What does Troy say would have happened if he hadn't taken charge of Gabriel's money?
(a) Cory would not be going to college.
(b) He and Rose would have no home.
(c) Gabriel would have gambled the money away.
(d) Gabriel would not have had surgery.

5. When Cory answers Troy's question about whether he's just come home with "yeah," what does Troy remind him?
(a) Troy reminds Cory that he should speak in complete sentences.
(b) Troy reminds Cory he should have been home a long time ago.
(c) Troy reminds Cory that he said he wouldn't go to practice on Saturday.
(d) Troy reminds Cory to call him "sir."

Short Answer Questions

1. On the day the play begins, what does Troy confront his boss about?

2. As Cory runs out of the house, late for a game, what does Rose say to him?

3. What descriptive word does Troy use when he complains about Cory to Rose?

4. After telling Rose to go into the house to get Cory to help him, what does Troy do?

5. As Troy complains about how everybody manages his money for him, Gabriel arrives carrying what?

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