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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1, Scene 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of Rose and Troy's conversation about Gabriel's money, where does Troy go?
(a) To bring Gabriel back.
(b) To find Cory.
(c) To mow the lawn.
(d) To listen to a ball game on the radio.

2. What prompts Troy to tell a long story about how he saw Death in person?
(a) Rose tells Troy he's going to drink himself to death.
(b) Troy tells Rose that before long she might be on her own.
(c) Rose tells Troy that he needs to buy some life insurance.
(d) Troy is responding to Bono's request to hear one of Troy's stories.

3. What does Cory tell Troy about his job?
(a) That the manager wants to give him a promotion.
(b) That the manager gave the job to somebody else.
(c) That he quit his job.
(d) That he doesn't want to work part-time.

4. What does Cory tell Troy about the football recruiter who has watched Cory play with his high school team?
(a) Cory says that the recruiter has given him some gifts.
(b) Cory says that the recruiter had seen Troy play ball.
(c) Cory says that the recruiter says he's the best player he's seen in years.
(d) Cory says that if he's recruited he'll have a chance to go to college.

5. When Troy returns from listening to the ball game and caresses Rose suggestively, what is Rose's response?
(a) She tells him to leave her alone.
(b) She slaps him.
(c) She kisses him passionately.
(d) She tells him to wait until later.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Bono tells Troy he'll be back on Monday, what does Troy say?

2. In response to what Rose tells him to do, what does Troy say he will do when the recruiter comes to the house?

3. What does Troy say about a boy who lies to his father?

4. When did Troy say he reformed?

5. What does Troy say about the fact that Lyons wants to be a musician?

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