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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1, Scene 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Rose and Bono say about Troy's long stories?
(a) That there is a lot of truth in them.
(b) That they are different every time.
(c) That they are proof that Troy drinks too much.
(d) That he should not tell them to children.

2. When Bono tells Troy he'll be back on Monday, what does Troy say?
(a) That Rose will make them both breakfast on Monday morning.
(b) That Bono should come back on Saturday for dinner.
(c) That he plans to confront the boss again on Monday.
(d) Not to bother coming because he'll still be making love with Rose.

3. Who lives with Rose and Troy?
(a) Lyons.
(b) Cory.
(c) Bono.
(d) Gabriel.

4. On the day the play begins, what did the boss do when he caught Troy and Bono's co-worker doing something wrong?
(a) He fired the co-worker.
(b) He did nothing.
(c) He hit the co-worker.
(d) He penalized the co-worker by reducing his pay.

5. What does Rose say about the possibility of improving one's life?
(a) She says that Bono should try to improve his life.
(b) She says that some people don't know that improving their lives is possible.
(c) She says that she wishes Cory would look at life's possibilities.
(d) She says that she hopes to improve her life some day.

Short Answer Questions

1. What sport does Bono say Troy excelled at?

2. What argument do Rose, Troy, and Bono have about grocery stores?

3. What prompts Troy to tell a long story about how he saw Death in person?

4. Who does Gabriel tell Troy he has eaten with that morning?

5. Where does Cory work?

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