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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1, Scene 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Troy tell Cory he has to get another job?
(a) Because Troy's the boss and what he says goes.
(b) Because they need Cory to make money to help the family.
(c) Because Cory should learn what it's like to go to work every day.
(d) Because Rose will be ashamed of Cory if he doesn't.

2. What does Cory tell Troy about the football recruiter who has watched Cory play with his high school team?
(a) Cory says that the recruiter says he's the best player he's seen in years.
(b) Cory says that the recruiter has given him some gifts.
(c) Cory says that the recruiter had seen Troy play ball.
(d) Cory says that if he's recruited he'll have a chance to go to college.

3. What does Troy say about the Negro League?
(a) That it had better pitchers.
(b) That it was a stupid idea.
(c) That it was good for blacks.
(d) That he knew everybody in it.

4. Where does Cory work?
(a) At the supermarket.
(b) At the football concession stand.
(c) At the convenience store.
(d) At the car repair shop.

5. When Troy returns from listening to the ball game and caresses Rose suggestively, what is Rose's response?
(a) She tells him to wait until later.
(b) She tells him to leave her alone.
(c) She slaps him.
(d) She kisses him passionately.

Short Answer Questions

1. After telling Rose to go into the house to get Cory to help him, what does Troy do?

2. When Troy comments that Hank Aaron is doing well, what is Troy's response?

3. What does Troy say that he has to do because he is afraid of the devil?

4. What is Rose doing when Cory returns home from football practice?

5. When Lyons shows up, what does Troy correctly think he wants?

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