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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Gabriel think he is?
(a) An angel.
(b) The devil.
(c) A minister.
(d) God.

2. What does Bono say about Alberta?
(a) Bono says that Troy has been spending a lot of time with her.
(b) Bono says that he went to grade school with Alberta.
(c) Bono says that Alberta is going to be promoted.
(d) Bono says that he wants to ask Alberta out.

3. What does Bono answer in reply to Cory's question about why they need a fence?
(a) He says that Rose is tired of people cutting through her yard.
(b) He says that Rose wants to protect them because she loves them.
(c) He says that Rose wants to put up a barrier between them and the neighbors.
(d) He says that Rose's garden is important to her.

4. What does Troy say about the Negro League?
(a) That it was good for blacks.
(b) That he knew everybody in it.
(c) That it was a stupid idea.
(d) That it had better pitchers.

5. After Gabriel leaves, what does Rose tell Troy she's heard about Gabriel?
(a) That he's begun acting crazy at church.
(b) That he's been playing the lottery.
(c) That he's not eating right at the boarding house.
(d) That he beat up a woman.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Lyons shows up, what does Troy correctly think he wants?

2. What does Troy tell Cory after he has tried to free Rose?

3. When Rose asks Gabriel if he wants breakfast, what does he say?

4. For what offense does Troy say his father once almost beat him to death?

5. After Troy reveals his affair, what does Rose tell Troy about her dreams?

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