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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rose comment when Troy says that Gabriel can come and go at the boarding house just as he could at home?
(a) Rose says that the boarding house is too expensive.
(b) Rose says that Gabriel doesn't understand that.
(c) Rose says that she agrees with Troy.
(d) Rose says that it's not the same thing.

2. What is Rose doing when Cory returns home from football practice?
(a) She is sweeping the sidewalk.
(b) She is mowing the lawn.
(c) She is watering the garden.
(d) She is taking clothes off the line.

3. What was the money Gabriel received as a compensation for his injury used for?
(a) It paid for Gabriel's surgery.
(b) It paid for Rose and Troy's house.
(c) It was gambled away.
(d) It was used to pay off Gabriel's debts.

4. Troy tells Rose he needs to do what in order to help Gabriel?
(a) Fix things with his boss.
(b) Keep him from gambling.
(c) Come up with $50 bail.
(d) Keep him away from liquor.

5. When Troy says that blacks or Hispanics aren't being allowed to play baseball to their potential, how does Cory respond?
(a) Cory gives examples of black players who are doing well.
(b) Cory says the Hispanics are better players than the blacks.
(c) Cory says the blacks are better players than the Hispanics.
(d) Cory agrees with his father.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Troy remember about his own father?

2. What does Cory go inside to do after Rose tells him that Troy is angry?

3. When Rose appears in Act 1, why does Bono say he doesn't want to stay for dinner?

4. When Troy comments that Hank Aaron is doing well, what is Troy's response?

5. What argument do Rose, Troy, and Bono have about grocery stores?

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