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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 2/3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Under what circumstances was Gabriel injured, leaving him with a brass plate in his head?
(a) In a car accident.
(b) In the war.
(c) When he fell down a flight of stairs.
(d) While loading a garbage truck.

2. What was the money Gabriel received as a compensation for his injury used for?
(a) It was gambled away.
(b) It paid for Rose and Troy's house.
(c) It was used to pay off Gabriel's debts.
(d) It paid for Gabriel's surgery.

3. When Rose agrees to take care of the baby, what does she say Troy will be from that moment on?
(a) Only a visitor to the house.
(b) A bad example for Cory.
(c) A money provider only.
(d) A womanless man.

4. After Rose leaves, what information about Cory does Troy reveal to Bono and Lyons?
(a) That Cory has taken money from Rose's purse.
(b) That Cory has stopped seeing his girlfriend.
(c) That Cory isn't working at the supermarket at all.
(d) That Cory has friends who are dealing drugs.

5. What does Troy say in response to Rose's concern about Gabriel?
(a) He says that Gabriel has plenty of people looking out for him.
(b) He says that Gabriel likes Rose to feel sorry for him.
(c) He says they should look in on Gabriel more often.
(d) He says that Gabriel is fine and not to worry.

Short Answer Questions

1. Gabriel had been living at the boarding house, but during Rose and Troy's conversation, it is revealed that Gabriel is now living where?

2. Why does Troy say that he doesn't need a driver's license?

3. What is Rose doing when Troy arrives home with his and Alberta's baby?

4. Which of the following characters is not related to Troy?

5. In response to what Rose tells him to do, what does Troy say he will do when the recruiter comes to the house?

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