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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 2/3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rose comment when Troy says that Gabriel can come and go at the boarding house just as he could at home?
(a) Rose says that it's not the same thing.
(b) Rose says that she agrees with Troy.
(c) Rose says that the boarding house is too expensive.
(d) Rose says that Gabriel doesn't understand that.

2. When did Troy say he reformed?
(a) When he met and married Rose.
(b) When he heard from his father.
(c) When his son was born.
(d) When he met Bono in prison.

3. Why does Troy say that he doesn't need a driver's license?
(a) Because he wouldn't have any use for one.
(b) Because no one he knows has one.
(c) Because he doesn't need any identification.
(d) Because driving is easy.

4. In response to what Rose tells him to do, what does Troy say he will do when the recruiter comes to the house?
(a) He says he will not ask the recruiter how much money is involved.
(b) He says he won't sign the papers.
(c) He says he will sign the papers.
(d) He says he will wait to hear Bono's opinion.

5. After Lyons and Bono leave, Cory comes home angry with his father for what?
(a) For telling his teacher that Cory never did any homework.
(b) For telling his boss that he didn't want Cory to work at the store any more.
(c) For telling his mother that he had stolen money from her purse.
(d) For telling the coach that Cory isn't allowed play football any more.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Gabriel think Troy is mad at him?

2. After he realizes he has a baby for whom he is responsible, what does Troy tell Rose he needs time for?

3. What is Troy doing with the baby as Rose comes out from the house and listens to him?

4. What does Rose say in response to Troy's comment that she's supposed to come when she's called?

5. Gabriel had been living at the boarding house, but during Rose and Troy's conversation, it is revealed that Gabriel is now living where?

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