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Make Predictions

Write one-sentence descriptions of what you think the lives of each of the following characters will be like ten years after the play ends: Rose, Raynell, Lyons, Gabriel, and Cory.

Create a miniature set

Create a miniature set of "Fences" as it would look at the beginning of the play. Include such items as the house with its porch, the dirt yard, the tree with the hanging ball, the sawhorse and wood for the fence, and the two oil drums.

Review the reviews

Read three reviews of "Fences" from its run on Broadway. Summarize what the reviewers saw as the strongest and weakest points of the production.

Read another August Wilson play

Read another play in August Wilson's play cycle. Create a simple guide to the play, listing the time period, the plot line, and the main characters.

Write a monologue

Write a monologue that could...

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