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Act 1, Scene 1

• After work on a Friday payday, Troy and Bono discuss the fact that black men aren't allowed to drive the trucks.

• Bono comments that Troy has been spending a lot of time around a woman named Alberta.

• Rose talks about Cory's job at the supermarket and comments that he's being scouted by a recruiter.

• Troy says that there is no money for black men playing sports; he was good but was never recruited.

• Troy tells a story of how he once wrestled with Death but chased him away.

• Rose and Bono say that Troy's stories get a little different each time he tells them.

• Lyons comes over, and Troy says he knows Lyons wants money.

• Troy gives Rose his pay and she gives some money to Lyons.

Act 1, Scene 2

• Rose tells Troy that a neighbor won some money in the lottery.

• Troy says the lottery is...

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