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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 2 and 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the author hold her particular beliefs about prioritizing struggles against different forms of prejudice?
(a) As a black woman, she feels that race is a more pressing matter than feminism.
(b) She holds her views because she needs to maintain her standing in the academic community.
(c) Because she is a women, she places gender issues first.
(d) All are ultimately as destructive of society and the individual as the other.

2. How does the author support her claims about the reception of black women's efforts in the early feminist movement?
(a) She presents a series of interviews that she conducted.
(b) She cites anecdotal evidence based on personal experience.
(c) She presents statistical research.
(d) She does not support her claims with evidence.

3. What does it ultimately mean for the author when women behave like white men?
(a) It means that they are traitors to their gender.
(b) It means that these women are creating a more successful life.
(c) It's an important sign of the sexual revolution.
(d) It means that there are more white men, i.e. there is no new definition of humanity.

4. In the Preface (2000), what examples does the author give of the problematic status of women in contemporary society?
(a) Low job benefits, high poverty, high divorce rates.
(b) High poverty, low status of single mothers, lack of state assistance and health care.
(c) High divorce rates, low job benefits, no enough day care.
(d) High poverty, high divorce rates, lack of state assistance.

5. For the author, which two main terms had been left out of feminist discussions when she first published her book?
(a) Genetics and the role of the family.
(b) Race and class.
(c) Class and marital status.
(d) Gender and race.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the Preface to the first edition (1984), which two key terms in her analysis does the author introduce?

2. How does the author feel about defining feminism as enabling total personal freedom?

3. "The problem that has no name" is a quotation by which author?

4. In general, the title of Chapter 1, "Black Women - Shaping Feminist Theory," relates to which of the following ideas?

5. Who has portrayed the relationship between feminism and the family in this way? (See question # 61)

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