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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For the author, what perspective really changed the direction of feminist thought?
(a) Accepting men into the movement.
(b) Looking at the interlocking nature of race, class, and gender.
(c) Looking back at women's history.
(d) Creating women's studies departments in universities.

2. In the Preface, which four factors are most central to the author's argument about a person's position in society?
(a) Race, gender, income, and education.
(b) Race, weight, gender, and marital status.
(c) Education, political beliefs, place of birth, and family name.
(d) Height, gender, income, and place of birth.

3. From which position (or perspective) does the author claim to write in her analysis of feminism and its social manifestations?
(a) From the margins.
(b) From a religious perspective.
(c) From a foreign perspective.
(d) From an elite position.

4. According to the author, in Chapter 1, "Black Women - Shaping Feminist Theory," what were black feminists initially trying to do in the feminist movement?
(a) To expand the basis of feminist thought.
(b) Be more like white feminists.
(c) Make new friends.
(d) To get more work.

5. What name did early feminists use to describe radical, or revolutionary, feminists?
(a) Traitors.
(b) Naive.
(c) Sisters.
(d) Spoilers.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 1, what key term does the author use to talk about the "racial politic" in the U.S.?

2. How does the author characterize black women's future role in the feminist movement?

3. As stated in the 1984 Preface, what is the primary weakness of feminist theory that the author promises to address in her book?

4. According to the author, how did early feminists see gender?

5. In Chapter 1, the author states that feminist theory and the feminist movement were originally shaped by which type of people?

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