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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 10 and 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do feminists need to consider when examining their beliefs about men?
(a) Whether it is safe to alter their beliefs about men.
(b) Whether or not men deserve to be included in feminism.
(c) How lower and working class men and non-white men are also oppressed.
(d) How often men use sexist language.

2. What do these accepted beliefs about motherhood manifest for the author?
(a) Ingrained sexist thought.
(b) Groundbreaking theories of motherhood.
(c) Liberal thought.
(d) Television narratives.

3. What assertion does the author make (once again) about who benefits from the current feminist movement?
(a) Children will benefit, but not the current generation.
(b) Only women will benefit from the movement.
(c) She states that white middle class women stand to benefit more than anyone else.
(d) It can, and will, benefit people of both genders and all ages.

4. In the Preface to the second edition (2000), how does the author describe the original reception of her book?
(a) Women of color claimed it focused mostly on white women so they rejected it.
(b) It started a riot.
(c) It was rejected by mainstream feminists.
(d) It was embraced by all feminists for its thought-provoking content.

5. What observations does the author make about women and the practice of violence?
(a) Women are more violent as teenagers.
(b) Women are essentially nonviolent by nature.
(c) Women also have a capacity for violence and many condone and advocate war.
(d) Women are actually more violent than men.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did she notice about white female students at the time?

2. What assertion does the author make about lower and middle class women and power?

3. Which elements define the ideal family for the author?

4. What has desensitized women and men to violence in the author's view?

5. According to the author, who originally defined "sisterhood" in the feminist movement?

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