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Short Answer Questions

1. What terrifies the seventeen-year-old girl?

2. How does a daughter see "don't become a housewife like me"?

3. What is stressed in a functional education?

4. What was considered 'real' life?

5. What does Marriage for Moderns say about women and their roles?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did the New York General Assembly view the right for women to own property and how did they react to the idea that they should be able to?

2. Why must Freud's psychoanalytical views be discounted?

3. Why did real feminists believe the radical "man hating, marriage opposing" feminists were getting more media coverage?

4. What choice did the mystique leave to women?

5. Why did women lavish so much attention on their children?

6. What kinds of problems can arise for the woman saying "no" to the feminine mystique?

7. What things hold women back from achieving the education they need to be a beneficial part of society?

8. Summarize Margaret Mead's ideals as shown in this book.

9. What groups opposed the women's right to vote and why?

10. What is the difference between when a man works at home and when a woman works at home?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How is it impossible to live within the confines of the feminine mystique for any length of time? Why is it so difficult for women to pursue a socially acceptable role of 'femininity' within the culture of the 1950's? Are their any comparable situations in today's day and age? Explain your answers.

Essay Topic 2

How did Mrs. Friedan practice what she preached? How was she an equal victim of the discrimination against women, and what private battles did she herself face in the years following the publishing of the "Feminine Mystique"?

Essay Topic 3

Why is education integral to the destruction of the feminine mystique? What role does education play in the growing up of American women? How does this benefit America at the macro level? At the micro level? Explain.

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