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Short Answer Questions

1. What narrow comfort is offered women to become homemakers?

2. What was considered 'real' life?

3. What problem arises in women who marry first and ask questions later?

4. How is the identity of women determined?

5. What had become a trap?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is economic independence so necessary for women?

2. What things hold women back from achieving the education they need to be a beneficial part of society?

3. What choice did the mystique leave to women?

4. Explain the passage from MARRIAGE FOR MODERNS.

5. How is a definitive knowledge of self needed to mature?

6. How is a self actualizing relationship stronger than one borne in the feminine mystique?

7. How were the victims of the Holocaust similar to the American housewife?

8. What do the children of vicarious living mothers commonly identify with?

9. What, according to Mrs. Friedan is the leading cause of men seeking out homosexual relationships?

10. Why did women lavish so much attention on their children?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How were men equally a part of a "masculine mystique" during the years of the Vietnam war? What kind of roles did the men play during this time, and what were they told was the full extent of masculinity? How did they oppose the masculine mystique, and what kinds of pressure did they face in response to their movement?

Essay Topic 2

Explain the roles that educators play in the feminine mystique. How are they responsible for propagating it, despite believing in equality for women? In what ways are women held back by the educators? Explain the educators guilt. Is this guilt founded on legitimate concerns? Explain your answer.

Essay Topic 3

How do Freud and Margaret Mead's study of women influence the development of the feminine mystique? What role do these individuals play in the education of women in regards to the mystique? How do their views compliment each other? Explain your answer and support it with research from outside the book.

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