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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, The Passionate Journey.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which women were happiest?
(a) Uneducated women.
(b) Married women.
(c) Unmarried women.
(d) Educated women.

2. If a woman were to fight for her rights, she would _____ _____?
(a) Deny womanhood.
(b) Unsex herself.
(c) Never mate.
(d) Defy God.

3. What problem arises in women who marry first and ask questions later?
(a) They have nothing to be impassioned about.
(b) They don't know who they are, and their role in the world.
(c) They never grow up.
(d) All of these.

4. The younger generation was consumed with the only aspiration of ____________________.
(a) Being an independent women.
(b) Being a housewife.
(c) Getting a quality education.
(d) Being a good mother.

5. What was women's unhappiness blamed on?
(a) Too much education.
(b) Their ability to work.
(c) Their inability to work.
(d) Too little education.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which statement best fits the main problem?

2. What did all the pioneering feminists resist?

3. How many signatures did Susan Anthony collect?

4. What kind of act occurred in the feminist movement?

5. What was so terrifying to women not about to be married?

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