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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, The Crisis of Woman's Identity.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of pharmaceuticals were women taking?
(a) Laxatives.
(b) Sleeping pills.
(c) Mood elevators.
(d) Tranquilizers.

2. What problem wasn't caused by soap or cured by Cortisone?
(a) Hives.
(b) Mumps.
(c) Housewife's Blight.
(d) Chicken pox.

3. How does a daughter see "don't become a housewife like me"?
(a) As a failing in the marriage; a sign of infidelity.
(b) As a failing in the woman, not in the circumstance.
(c) As a sign of frustration that she cannot savor her relationship with her husband,
(d) As a failing in themselves, and their financial position in the world.

4. Why couldn't Betty read a word of the science that had once almost been her life's calling?
(a) It was too painful because she had given it up.
(b) She had no interest in it.
(c) She had no time for the study following kids.
(d) She was angry about giving it up.

5. What was the new sexual problem in marriages?
(a) The women had no sexual appetite.
(b) The women found themselves frigid and unable to be aroused.
(c) The women had more of an appetite than their men could satisfy.
(d) The women had a desire to have more and more children.

Short Answer Questions

1. The younger generation was consumed with the only aspiration of ____________________.

2. What problem arises in women who marry first and ask questions later?

3. What was the literature offered telling women to do?

4. Why do women have to suffer the problem of identity?

5. How much money did the magazine offer to those who submit their problems to promote it?

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