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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, The Crisis of Woman's Identity.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What silent question did women ask themselves?
(a) "What else is there to life?"
(b) "Why am I not content with this world?"
(c) "Is this all?"
(d) "What am I missing?"

2. What was the new sexual problem in marriages?
(a) The women had no sexual appetite.
(b) The women found themselves frigid and unable to be aroused.
(c) The women had a desire to have more and more children.
(d) The women had more of an appetite than their men could satisfy.

3. What was the literature offered telling women to do?
(a) Where their role in society was.
(b) That their husbands rule all, and a womans' place is in the house.
(c) To seek fulfillment as wives and mothers.
(d) To reproduce and be happy.

4. The younger generation was consumed with the only aspiration of ____________________.
(a) Being an independent women.
(b) Getting a quality education.
(c) Being a housewife.
(d) Being a good mother.

5. What is the climax of adolescence?
(a) Deciding what one wants to be.
(b) Enrolling in university.
(c) Getting married and having kids.
(d) Having children.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did most of the people who studied the 'discontinuity' of women say it was caused by?

2. What gave women peace of mind?

3. "The problem for women today is not ______, but a problem of _______?

4. Where are the chains to the housewives' trap located?

5. What is the "great mistake of Western Culture"?

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