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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, The Crisis of Woman's Identity.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is a compliment to a woman in the act of creation of a child?
(a) Rearing the child.
(b) Breastfeeding.
(c) The desire to protect the home.
(d) Maternal instinct.

2. How does a daughter see "don't become a housewife like me"?
(a) As a failing in themselves, and their financial position in the world.
(b) As a failing in the woman, not in the circumstance.
(c) As a failing in the marriage; a sign of infidelity.
(d) As a sign of frustration that she cannot savor her relationship with her husband,

3. Which statement best fits the main problem?
(a) Women weren't challenged in their lifestyle.
(b) Women had become too comfortable.
(c) Women had lost their self identity.
(d) Women longed for careers.

4. What is the "great mistake of Western Culture"?
(a) The availability of work to women.
(b) The overemphasis on femininity.
(c) The undervaluation of femininity.
(d) The availability of an education to women.

5. Which women were happiest?
(a) Unmarried women.
(b) Educated women.
(c) Married women.
(d) Uneducated women.

Short Answer Questions

1. What silent question did women ask themselves?

2. What was the new sexual problem in marriages?

3. What is the important thing for a girl?

4. Why do women have to suffer the problem of identity?

5. What requires increased glamorization every year?

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