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Chapter 1, The Problem That Has No Name

• The author describes the problem that has no name as being the central problem of the average American housewife.

• This problem is mainly that women feel unfulfilled in their roles as housewives, and long for something more, although they feel that their must be something wrong with them.

• It seemed that every woman, every girl wanted to be a housewife, and that women's main value was considered to be in care giving and domestic chores.

• Femininity was valued in women, and it was considered feminine to be a wife and mother, and the model of this femininity was in the ideology of the suburban housewife.

• Women were told that they would find fulfillment in the role of wife, mother and housekeeper, but they didn't they

• Since women were obviously unhappy, it was determined that there must be a problem.

• Unfortunately, this...

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