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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who tells the rest of the travelers that he is on his way to his homeland?
(a) Aragorn
(b) Legolas
(c) Gimli
(d) Boromir

2. The company reaches the last stage of their journey where they must decide whether to go to __________ or Gondor.
(a) Rivendell
(b) Rohan
(c) Mordor
(d) Oscillium

3. What does Aragorn feel on him, which makes it difficult for him to sleep during Frodo's watch?
(a) Shadow
(b) Sword
(c) Eye
(d) Fog

4. The Fellowship take few ______________ because their journey does not involve war, but secrecy.
(a) Weapons
(b) Belongings
(c) Provisions
(d) Animals

5. ____________ tricked the Elven Smiths into teaching him their secrets, according to Elrond.
(a) The Witch King
(b) Gollum
(c) Saruman
(d) Sauron

Short Answer Questions

1. Who says they do not trust Lady Galadriel and her words?

2. Gandalf tells Frodo that Rangers are men of the Race of __________ from the West.

3. Lady Galadriel tells the travelers: "Your Quest stands upon the edge of a _______, stray but a little and it will fail, to the ruin of all."

4. Who tells the others at the council that his people have been holding back the enemy and keeping them at bay?

5. Who meets up with the Hobbits and with Strider, coming off a white horse and with a sound of bells?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where do the travelers decide to stay before they make the decision to go to Gondor or to Moria?

2. What does Aragorn say when Frodo states that Aragorn is the rightful heir and that he should have the ring?

3. Who is given the task of deciding which way the journey much continue?

4. How does Lord Celeborn greet Gimli when he arrives in Lothlorien?

5. What does Strider come back with when he goes out to scout out a bridge that they might have to cross?

6. Why don't the travelers in the Fellowship worry when they get through the door away from the Orcs?

7. What does Gandalf reveal about his period of being absent from the journey?

8. What are the travelers given by the Elves in order to help their journey?

9. When Frodo awakes in a comfortable bed, what does Gandalf tell him?

10. What does Aragorn suggest in order to make the blindfolding fair for those who are traveling?

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