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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lady Galadriel tells the travelers: "Your Quest stands upon the edge of a _______, stray but a little and it will fail, to the ruin of all."
(a) Cliff
(b) Man
(c) Doubt
(d) Knife

2. Before the Fellowship can leave, __________ must have the sword re-forged and made whole again.
(a) Boromir
(b) Aragorn
(c) Frodo
(d) Gandalf

3. ____________ tricked the Elven Smiths into teaching him their secrets, according to Elrond.
(a) Sauron
(b) Gollum
(c) Saruman
(d) The Witch King

4. __________ sends scouts in all directions to gather word about the Black Riders.
(a) Elrond
(b) Aragorn
(c) Legolas
(d) Gandalf

5. Who comes upon Frodo and tells him that he is concerned for Frodo's safety?
(a) Gimli
(b) Sam
(c) Aragorn
(d) Boromir

Short Answer Questions

1. Who used to rule the lands in the Mines of Moria, where the travelers must first go on their journey?

2. Who climbs a tree in order to get the lay of the land before the travelers enter Lothlorien?

3. Gandalf tries to keep the orcs back with spells and incantations, but a ________________ stops him.

4. Who is NOT one of the members of the Fellowship of the Ring?

5. How many rings were hidden away from Sauron and have never been touched by him?

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